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11 Insightful Tips from Professional Traders (below)

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6. If you are">forexrebates with strong personal emotions, then please stop it/ You must be detached from your trad cashbackforexexnessg, which means that you cannot be emotionally overly attached to any kind of trading If you fall into th forexcashrebate trap, then eventually it will lead you to overtrade, thus increasing the risk Forex rebate for Exness ultimately, because of your emotions You must understand that the odds of winning or losing any trade are the same, and that no trade has to necessarily win because of this, you should not personally take a loss or let it affect your next trade Please live, you just need to let the strategy play to its own trading advantage and let it work over time 7. The key to successful trading is emotional discipline / you dont cashback forex to be a super genius to be able to have super money making ability in the market when trading, emotional intelligence and self control, more important than trading IQ this is why you will see a lot of Ivy League fed up with educated business professionals to be able to become analysts, but in the actual trading they are instead not doing so well they have the analytical intelligence of the market They have the analytical intelligence of the market, but have not learned to trade to become a successful trader, you have to be able to master yourself better than others 8. The market is always in a state of uncertainty, make money by discounting and betting on obvious mistakes/ George Soros is one of the richest men in the world and he got that way by taking a contrarian view and following his reasoning He was in Short selling $10 billion worth of British pounds during the 1992 Black Wednesday British currency crisis gave him a $1 billion profit, a famous speculative event in history Soros could (and probably did) admit to a clear wrong strategy and took it as a sell signal The key is that he has a good understanding of price dynamics and is not afraid to follow his heart against The "bull herd" 9. The goal of the successful trader is to make the best trade, the money is secondary/ I often tell traders that one of the keys to trading success is to focus on how to be a good trader, not on making money Of course, every trader wants to make money in the market but, you also If you focus on trading, not on the "money" of the results, then you will grow to love the market and the results will naturally get better 10. The natural tendency is to keep pushing until the streak is over, but experience has taught me that a break can be extended/ Many traders will say that to get out of the market properly, you need to have other hobbies to keep you "distracted" and that you dont have to focus on your trading all the time In fact, if you trade correctly and stick to the price action approach, then you can In fact, if you trade correctly and stick to the price action approach, then you can do this very well or, a day or two after a win or a loss, it is important to pull yourself out of the icons and even the best traders can get very emotional after the trade is done. Price patterns remind you that every important move is just a repetition of a similar price movement, and as long as you are familiar with past behavior, you will be able to anticipate and catch the right and powerful moves when they are coming/ Over time, people react in the same way in the market, greed, fear, ignorance and hope. As mentioned, understanding how to read and trade from the pure price action of the market is a necessary part of being a successful trader in the old days when they didnt have computers or trading software or a million overly complex indicators to trade. This knowledge combined with the insight of a professional trader, you have the ingredients to be a successful trader