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30-minute EXPMA indicator and SAR indicator

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  the use of forexcashrebate cashbackforexexness SAR these two indicators should follow the principle of mutual verification principle, which EXPMA indicator changes tend to reveal the forexrebates of the medium-term trend, the latter will provide a useful reference to the short-term price trend, morphology and divergence ForexrebateforExness also suitable for the application of these two indicators  At the end of a period of dec Forex rebate for Exness in the market, the 30-minute EXPMA indicator should be short, the slow EXPMA line that is the yellow line on the Qianlong chart is at the top, the fast EXPMA line that is the cashback forex line in the middle, the price is at the bottom of the position at the end of the decline in the market, the price is far from the white line after the return to the white line near, and break through the white line, up a small run, At this time, the yellow line will play a certain suppressive effect, making the price fall back to the position near the white line again, at this time, if the SAR indicator has turned red, indicating that the short-term movement of prices will likely break through the yellow line suppression, to rise, this should be the time to buy At the end of a period of rising market, the 30-minute EXPMA indicator in the stock price, fast EXPMA line, slow EXPMA line MA line is still in a long arrangement, but the stock price may break through the fast EXPMA line down, the first breakthrough of the line after the price may draw back to confirm, or even re-stand above the line, so that the three lines are still in a sequential long arrangement, but if the SAR indicator has turned green, indicating that the price is weak, can not stand firmly above the white line for a long time, at this time should The use of these two indicators for comprehensive judgment should be noted: when the price stands above the two lines of EXPMA indicators, and fast EXPMA line and slow EXPMA line bonding, if the SAR indicators are long state, showing the most obvious upward trend, on the contrary, if the stock price in the white line and the yellow line below, and the white line up and through the yellow line, SAR indicators turn green, indicating that the short Strong force, should be made to stop the eclipse operation
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