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After several years of speculation in foreign exchange do you really know how to stop profit

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Today forexcashrebate we talk about how to stop profit The reason why I chose th Forex rebate for Exness topic is because before a friend wants me to talk about how to stop profit and stop loss A few days ago I was also asked by several friends to forexrebates topic So today we will say from the technical side of this level how to stop profit and stop profit This topic is particularly large, I will certa ForexrebateforExnessly cashbackforexexness say it for a while, as if you ask others how to cook well? How to play basketball well? How to drive a car well? This kind of problem can not say a few words clearly, it is a whole system, not a technical point of stopping the profit is also a combination of many technical points, different people with different methods, different technologies with different methods, do different cycles with different methods, different positions with different methods, so specific analysis of specific problems if you have to say some technical points, then you can only share some The technique how to apply this skill to the actual battle to see how we understand the other insert a sentence, stop-loss stop loss many times also involved you take not hold the single, many times you know your target position, but the mentality is not good, midway to the flat, this is the mentality problem others teach you and give only technology, mentality can only rely on their own hone, need a long time to polish today is purely technical discussion, can not hold the The list, then you have to think of your own way! The entry is also the same Oh, obviously not a very good opportunity, their own hands itching to place a single cashback forex is also a problem of mentality their own execution is not in place, what technology, what method, what high-end theory all useless first with the introduction of a quote to introduce the issue of stopping the profit we often hear that will enter the disciple will be out of the field is the master many people because of this quote stopping the profit think too high think stopping the profit is very profound, very In fact, if you put a lot of entry thinking into the stop-gap, you will find that although entry and exit are two things, but many times the essence is very similar to, for example, you want to be short, so why do you want to be short? Is it because the long rise is weak, you want to do short that the answer is inevitable, do you want to do short when the long force is not finished? If you are using the relevant technology into the field, then the idea of leaving the field is not to refer to the relevant ideas, short after your exit to find and wait for the short strength exhausted, not to get out of the field this is to learn from each others thinking or you see support resistance to do a single, then you can also see support resistance out of the field many things are common sense, a reason through a hundred sense, the important thing is your thinking! Want to do a good job out of the work, the first thing you need to know what you are doing single is intra-day, or not limit the date according to the technical points out of the field some people will ask these have a difference? Part of the situation is still there I first introduce a method used only intra-day The chart above is a chart of 2 different species, note that there is an indicator on the right side of the chart, this indicator indicates from top to bottom the opening price, the highest price, the lowest price, and todays highest and lowest range, yesterdays highest and lowest range and 5 days 10 days and 20 days of average range, as well as the total average and spread So how do we use this indicator This method is to completely ignore the technology, purely with probability to consider the issue of exit for newcomers is not lost as a reference, although not the best, but better than nothing to consider! This indicator has helped us to count the average volatility of this species for so long, the so-called high and low today, is the highest and lowest point of the market today, yesterday was the highest and lowest point yesterday, 10 days is the average of the 10 days of the highest and lowest point, the average is the average of all this (our main reference is also the average)! We look at the first chart, the highest and lowest point of this species is 58.6 points, the average is 94.5 points, then that means that the average fluctuation of this species is 94.5 points today has gone 58.6 then the remaining volatility today is 94.5 - 58.6 = 36.9 that is, if you do a single at this time, you take almost 36, 37 points or so to get out The second chart todays high and low is 980, the average is 1046, which in fact tells you that the volatility of this species today is about the same, there is no particularly good opportunity, is this time to go to the single? This will not need me to say it, so is not the volatility reached will not really have more amplitude? Of course not, the market can not be expected, perhaps the second chart of the species today will go 100 points, but that is after you see, beforehand is not able to do this prediction since the indicator has helped you statistical probability event, usually the market is so much range, we will follow this method to perform on the good This for many new friends is the dumbest and smartest approach This method is not technical, simple and brutal. Technical content, simple and brutal, suitable for day trading! In addition, the points mentioned here are about the number of oh, not rigid must be so accurate, if you can simply combine the support resistance at the time will be better! Usually newcomers, I also recommend that the morning look at the plate at eight oclock to start, with eight oclock opening price (why is eight oclock?). Because this indicator is 8 points of the statistical volatility of the day) in accordance with the volatility of the indicators to you draw a day to change the species may reach the highest and lowest theoretical value such as the opening price is 1.3000, the average daily fluctuations of 100 points, then the variety of theoretical boundaries may be reached is 1.2900 and 1.3100. marked with a line, this value is the day you can refer to the important support resistance Some people may ask me, how can I do without this indicator in my watch system? If you use the mt4, Baidu search on a search, a lot of watchdogs have their own such functions Mt4 do not know how to get, their own statistics! And mt4 into 15 minutes and then press ctrl + Y, between the line and the line is a day, convenient for their own statistics is also convenient for you to observe the daily trend and the law again emphasize that this is simple and brutal nothing technical out of the market, the use of indicators to give us the statistical probability of the market absolutely will not every time in accordance with the statistics given every day to go so much, there may go to get there may not go we just use The statistics and then go to do the probability of the event said so much, we come to a few technical way to stop profit if you are using the pattern to do the entry, then we can also use the pattern out of this below this chart we see a pattern, this is a certain period (2015-12-15) the British pound against the yen chart, we see a transition of the expansion triangle, the market after a wave of decline with an expansion Triangle for oscillation after the transition and then down then if you see the expansion triangle, and find the entry point into the field (how to enter the field is not here to do the details, the form is a big question, interested in another to find me to study morphological analysis), then your take profit should be referred to the former wave of the trend (I say before and after the wave is I marked with red arrows 2 wave), after we catch the The magnitude of this wave should refer to the magnitude of the previous wave, sometimes 1:1 sometimes there are other ratios, what specific ratio, how to operate I will no longer do the details of the form of the final test target position is the ratio, each wave has a trend often out of the corresponding proportion, we follow its proportion out of the field can be a whole wave grasp of eight or nine in order to prove the effectiveness of this, I then Find 2 cases for you to see, the following chart is a rectangle is an expansion type are transitional, the naked eye we can distinguish 2 quotes before and after the band is almost 1:1, the specific I did not go to measure, an approximate number, we do not entangle ha! Another point to add, the form is a more complex system, want to learn the form first to recognize the form, in the complex market, find the form, and identify the standard form, is a certain amount of work, need a lot of time to practice the target position of the method is also a part of morphological analysis, you can give you a tool to do reference, that is, Fibonacci extents to the nature of the band equivalence, we also do in the band. We can also use this feature of the market to close positions when doing the swing, or use just that expansion triangle chart, that is, the following chart have you found the market in a wave up when there is a very obvious rhythm and magnitude of this is a characteristic of the market, this characteristic can also be used to exit and enter the market (in fact, the core of the average is to reflect this characteristic, the specific average The problem is not here to elaborate) then the exit is bound to be available, how to use the specific I will not say much about it has just knowledge of the form, this method to understand a look in order to prove that I just said the characteristics of the market, I cite a few more cases such cases are too much when the market is very much whether up or down is a band a band are in accordance with a certain proportion to go, if you are doing If you are doing one of the bands then is it possible to refer to the magnitude of the previous band? If you want to do the long term then look for a larger cycle to see if there are similar fluctuations from the technical point of view to say here, from the investment point of view, the so-called take profit is nothing more than how to deal with the investment that has made money then for the investment that has made money is to set a capital loss to let the market itself to drift, with the part that has been earned to win more profits, which is also a very good method but this method Often can not survive the retracement, the retracement of the market swept away and then the market continues to go in the direction of the previous single, there is no more brutal method to solve this problem? Of course there is, this time you need a thinking called give and take, specific how to operate forgiveness I sell a shut in fact more think about this is very simple today on the profit stop here, of course there are many ways to exit, such as Bollinger bands, I personally super love Bollinger bands, but also some of their own exclusive use of Bollinger bands and the use of some important points in the band and so on to open a position or take profit we remember is a probability. Sometimes you stop profit right sometimes will stop profit wrong, in the investment time do not each time to dwell on the right or wrong of the investment at the moment, the past will be the past to grasp the next opportunity is of course I said not to dwell on is not the same as not to summarize, not to dwell on is to let you not chagrin, summary or inevitable, why will be wrong is not where there is negligence, next time should pay more attention, each time to summarize a little will each time will be more Finally, I would like to remind you that the ultimate in technology is statistics, quantification, for example, I gave an example of the last method of stopping profit in accordance with the band, if your transaction is a swing trade, you should go to the statistics, how many times the market is in accordance with the 1:1 band go how many times is 1:1.618 go again to study the case of 1:1 and 1:1.618 what is the difference so as to stop profit To do to the extreme into the micro!