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AndreyVedikhin Interview

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AndreyVedikh forexrebates as one of the judges from Alpari (UK) Limited, has 15 years of experience in the financial markets, has a book on Forex Currently, he cashbackforexexness working on his second book on automated Forex rebate for Exness Andrey considers the possibility of not adjusting the automated trading system: ForexrebateforExness think the most effective forexcashrebate simple way is to apply a variety of trading strategies. I think the most effective and simple way is to apply a diverse range of trading strategies, which means creating intelligent trades with different strategies on different accounts Hello Andrey, can you tell us initially about your experience working in the financial markets? How did you start working?  I entered the Faculty of Economics of Kazan State University in 1992. In 1994 my uncles friend founded a company called Modern Financial Technology Center and accepted my uncles proposal to become a young specialist of this company. In the beginning of the company, due to the lack of staff, I did a lot of things: worked as a consultant, completed trading functions and transactions (helped clients with applications), and traveled to and from the company. I became the manager of the department, leading some. In addition to my work I also became interested in some companies in Tatarstan, Orgsintez and other companies, and gradually I felt that I needed to continue my studies and become a real trader. Thus, in 1997 the first book on technical analysis appeared on my desk – "Technical Analysis of Financial Markets" by John J. Murphy and through my studies in the book I started to practice in the Russian financial markets. In that period I was still learning to trade and I often wrote about it on my blog, i.e. I was interested in MetaTrader4 cashback forex trading. My interest in MetaTrader4 smart trading lies in writing smart trades according to my own situation, because I create smart trades according to my own strategies 15 years in the financial markets…… impressive So Andrey when did you become interested in automated trading?  I have spent 12 years with my computer that is to say my mothers first profitable investment was to buy me this computer and the first year I simply played games, then I started to learn programming language. Delphi knowledge of these languages makes it much easier to study MQL4 due to the lack of time, my desire was to continue learning trading and I think I found the right decision to make in the face of the dilemma: to write smart trades according to my own trading strategy and give it the right to take all trades. Intelligent trading), and then your МТС will be able to trade 24 hours a day for 5 trading days without missing any signals and without any emotional decisions  many traders already know about your first book "A book about Forex" What we want to know is how your second book is progressing? What is it a book about?  The content of the second book is inseparable from automated trading. It talks about how to compile and create your own smart trades and indicators on MQL4. The second part of the book, which describes how to properly test smart trades in historical data, means that after the creation of important smart trades is complete, the testing in real accounts should not be neglected.  There is no denying that this is certainly the case now that almost all of the money is applied to the intelligent trading system part of such a ratio for Manual Trading/Automatic Trading is pioneering the latter at the expense of the former I am constantly communicating with major banks around the world and ECN supports this statistic More and more public relations or institutions prefer to apply intelligent trading There are a lot of resources on the Internet related to MQL4, one of my favorites -  for AndreiMoraru mentioned in a recent interview that the participants of the trading tournament for smart trading risks, hoping that the participants will be lucky. trading is undoubtedly a kind of suicide do you agree with his point of view?  It is impossible to win in trading without diversification of risk I know many institutional clients who have a number of trading accounts with you and each account uses a different trading strategy Part of the trading is risky and part is conservative The results show that the sum of the trades is much better than an account that applies only one trading strategy The market is rapidly changing: some days it works, some days it doesnt So I agree with AndreiMoraru and conclude that in the real market this kind of suicidal smart trading should never be applied, you need to apply different trading strategies at the same time in your own work: conservative trading to risky trading diversified trading can bring better results in the market at each specific moment to make the appropriate strategy to trade AhmedSolaru nbsp;AhmedSoliman (2006 Automated Trading Championship participant), believes that for automated trading technical analysis is too cumbersome he uses the news system as the basis for intelligent trading Do you think this intelligent trading will be profitable?  Im afraid I cant give a definitive answer to this question although as an associate doctor in economics I sometimes do not apply basic analytical strategies back to your question: Its hard for me to comment on AhmedSolimans winning smart trades or not and I believe there is a place for such trades anyway I hope Ahmed succeeds and wins  Andrey, what do you think about scalper, do they have a chance to win the tournament and make a profit in real trading?  The relevance of this question is very strong if the market will trade in hypotheticals, scalpering in the trading market will not play an effective role How often do you think it is necessary to make adjustments to smart trading?  I think it can be divided into state markets If you write separate smart trades based on different market states, then you can leave it alone for a long time The most common mistake is to try to write generic smart trades It is impossible to apply to all market states So every few months you have to make some adjustments to the smart trades I think the most effective and simple way is to apply a diversity of trading strategies This means creating different strategies on different accounts I think the most effective and simple way to do this is to apply a variety of strategies, which means creating smart trades with different strategies on different accounts. The result can never be a total loss, one loss and the others could be in profit Andrey, can you describe what a perfect smart trade would look like? How have you seen it?  The most important thing in creating a smart trading strategy is to understand the philosophy of the trading market I can give you an example that may be of great benefit in creating a smart trade Taking an example from my trading last year, I decided to first analyze the market technical analysis indicators not divided into weekly, daily, 4-hour and hourly Japanese charts to show clear sell information only from the book to understand the situation, so I decided that the first trade in the real account was …… a loss! To believe that technical analysis simply cannot undo losses in the hope that trading currencies will disappear and vice versa, is to be afraid. Fortunately, there is no will to think, so I quickly concluded that this book of technical analysis should be placed in a desk drawer. Market information signals draw arcs and the 4-hour charts show normality (e.g., bull spreads) so that do not rush to the disappointment of smart trading losing trades and start trying to understand feel philosophical analysis so that you can identify errors in your smart trades and avoid such categories of errors in future writing to write good smart trades 
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