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As a professional forex trader what trading books should I read

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As a professional forex trader or forexrebatestend to become a professional forex trader, many of us are through some forex or other economic cashbackforexexnesss to start with, we all want to find a so-called sunflower book, directly in the trading to earn their first bucket of gold, so in the end there Forex rebate for Exness no such a sunflower book? Probably ForexrebateforExness, because if you forexcashrebate I cashback forex easily get such a book, then the book is not called the sunflower book; there may be, because maybe you are lucky it! Note: The books shared below can be searched and downloaded from the home of Forex EA (, or you can go to Jingdong or Taobao to buy In the following, our exchange friends recommended in their answers some of the most worthwhile books for a trader in their minds, and you can read them selectively: @Xiaochuanchuan "Investment Trading Notes" ( Dong Dezhi) I believe this book is not new to the interbank students, just into the industry on the impulse to buy, of course, read a lot longer than I expected Mr. Dong in this book reviewed the period from 2002 to 2010, the Chinese bond market (mainly the mainstream trading varieties of interest rate bonds at the time) in stages of the trend, as well as some basic analytical perspective and framework is a combination of theory and practice Literacy book, a general overview of the past bond market history, but also to observe the changes in the interest rate pivot in the past decade Some people feel that Mr. Dongs book is more of an a posteriori analysis, i.e., standing in hindsight, but for newcomers like me, it is also a rare opportunity to peek into each historical point in time some of the impact of exchange rate reform, financial system reform, and special historical conditions on interest rates @ the pond and fishing stop The right use of "The Gift of Ghosts" & nbsp; money management "MoneyManagementMathematics" & nbsp; Master Interviews "Hedge Fund Market Wizards" & nbsp; the right trading behavior "The Heart of the Deal" & nbsp; the right understanding of stochasticity "The World of Black Swans" & nbsp; the use of Black Swans to profit "Antifragile" & nbsp;The Source of Black Swans The SilentRisk The Philosophical Significance of Stop Losses The Poverty of Historical Determinism The Philosophical Origin of Antifragility Pragmatism In fact The Gift of Ghosts is far more than just the use of stops, there is the mindset of trading and finally Rule II- A powerful trading principle specifically prepared for those who have become consistent winners newcomers do not have to read rule two, first learn rule one, a few years after becoming a consistent winner, perhaps will naturally understand rule two @ HangLi only one book: "Hedge Fund Wind Book" four or five years ago when I got this book, I thought it would introduce the trading strategies of the various windbags but as I read deeper and deeper, I found that this As the author himself says in the foreword: "You cant get the answer to successful investing between the pages because I dont know the answer myself", I personally recommend Chapter 4: Short Selling, not a game for the faint of heart. The books author, Barton Biggs, the most admired investor, Keynes, said that inlongrunwearealldead this chapter of the protagonists life is such a saddening story I think this chapter is a very representative chapter of the book this book is not The book is not about rationality (describing many cases of failure of rationality), but about human nature We grew up with a rational education, in school finance courses either corporate finance or no arbitrage principles, while drinking a lot of financial success of chicken soup in this book, no lengthy valuation, no complex formula, only the industry inside the lives of all, and their successes and failures (more important) moment to put the book Those sharp moments applied to their own body, you know their naked swimming level geometry @ Beihan book expensive fine not expensive more, I personally think the following books should be a must read (sorted in no particular order): 1. 10 years a dream the main value of this book is to understand the wrong practices of others repeat the failure of others must lead to their own failure, although repeat the success of others will not necessarily make their own success in addition can learn from the book TrendFollowingWhether you are a supporter of trend following, this book can benefit you a lot of the book has a total of three sentences to make me enlightened, which is worth a million which Three sentences? Thinking: FastandSlow traders are extremely necessary to study human nature and psychology to lift this book is considered a brick, I am not good at English, so far a total of three times to read 5. Although Talebs books tend to be more extreme, for example, he puts economics down as worthless (I think economics is still a good thing), but his books, such as this one and Antifragile, BlackSwan are worth reading carefully, especially if you want to understand the market, trading and speculation deeply, [email protected] "Japanese candlestick chart" "technical analysis of futures markets" "stock trader Memoirs" @kuhasu or that, if the things in a book can help you earn a hundred million, then you will certainly not publish a book, you will carry out self-trading; if the things in a book can help you earn five million, you will certainly take the things in the book to me for financing, rather than write it into a book In view of the lack of real practical experience of most people, recommended: Jesse Livermore ( JesseLivermores book: "stock master manipulation" in the early years think DanielKahneman (DanielKahneman) and his teacher AmosTversky (AmosTversky) of "judgment under uncertainty" ( Judgementunderuncertainty:Heuristicsandbias) can be as well as Lehmans autopsy report @ Zhang Chao if the world, more than 99% of the financial books published are not credible, most of them are promoting the theory of success or selling the author more than bullish only market books of the definitive performance is basically, 99 years a certain market, how the author responded The book is a kind of media, and the biggest role of the media today is to speculate and never to seek knowledge of finance is to face the unknown events that you have never encountered every day, how can you The book to judge the author has been the peak of it? The only guideline to survive in the financial market is to never let your own profit a single, become the entire trading system to make the least amount of money a single; the same way, never let your own loss a single, become the entire trading system to lose the most money a single There is no philosophy, no myth, no faith, only the daily efforts to work and do not want to return people, to really understand what is going on today Society is changing, the hearts of people are changing, and even the moral level are being impacted by subtle adjustments in the financial if you are seeking the imprint of history every day, rigidly applied in the market did not appear, and will eventually fall from the beginning of the "dead" to the end of "waiting for death" Summarize a set of "wait not to die" trading system, in the unknown after the next k line out "to wait for a result that can live", to remain unchanged in response to changes, is the author of the book will never teach the reader the truth! @LiuDa19841 "Trend Tracking", "Trend Precepts" 2 "Turtle Law", "Turtle Trading Special Class" 3 "Crowe on Futures Trading Strategies" 4 "Futures Traders Money Management Strategies" 5 "The Road to Freedom in the Financial Kingdom" (the chapter on the 6 elements) 6 "Principles of Professional Speculation (Futures)" 7 "New Space for Securities Trading" (the first 2 chapters and the last 1 chapter) 8 "Trading Psychological Analysis 9 "Psychological Advantages of Trading" 10 "Out of Illusion, Towards Maturity" 11 "A Decade of Dreams" 12 "The Art of Futures Investing: Finding Certainty in Uncertainty" 13 "Masters of Short-Term Trading: Tools and Strategies" (focus on the first few chapters) 14 "Trading Advice - The Successful Practices and Heart of the Worlds Top Traders" 15 Casino Trading Strategies "Mechanical Trading Systems Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Market" (more or less the same type) 16 "Bushido in Trading" 17 "Intuitive Trader" 18 "Stan Weinstein called the secret of the proud bull and bear market" 19 "Trading Bible" 20 "The Heart of Trading" Related Categories 1 Critical - Why the world is simpler than we think" 2 The Hidden Logic" 3 "Antifragile" 4 "The Perfect Group" 5 "Ubiquitous" non-related class 1 "The Power of the Moment" 2 "Watching the Breath" 3 "Seeing the Buddhas Evidence of Enlightenment" 4 "Jesus Also Said Zen" 5 "Learning the Arrow and Realizing Zen Record" 6 "The Wisdom of the I Ching" 7 "Your Survival Instincts Are Killing You" 8 "Mastering Emotions" @ The Plunge Sage Trading is a highly practical game art, 7 points practical + 3 points theory and thinking ! Not a word of nonsense, to the absolute dry goods! After reading the book and want to get rich? The door is not, the actual battle has just begun but, do not read the book to start ~ that the probability of failure is 99.9999%, no one can just succeed! First of all, to avoid the boredom of the bickering, it is necessary to explain a point, professional trading point of view, investment and speculation is not essentially different, are based on a high probability analysis of the decision under the trading behavior! If there is no learning method of introduction, then the good books will not play any role, will also end up throwing aside, so first it is necessary to tell you how to use these books, many people read the book only pay attention to the text surface meaning and surface level thinking, so go to see the trading practice class book is far from enough, see again more times is difficult to improve remember ~ look at the trading class books the correct way is: (0) put the talk about the scriptures The book of the theoretical school of thought, out of the actual battle, or thrown into the corner of the miscellaneous room at home, pay attention directly from how to weigh the odds, how to buy how to sell, how to control losses, how to enlarge the profits of the main line of study and practice, and this has nothing to do with the total throw away! (1) prepare a stack of blank trading tips record book, record book than the computer has value, pay attention! Handwritten down to draw things down will be profound! (2) reading: repeatedly read to understand and remember the key ideas text, important ideas note the record to this book (3) chart review + data empirical evidence: real trend data on the test, statistics, to draw important conclusions on the trend chart remember to neatly hand-animated to the record book, or print out to paste into the record book (4) in the process of continuous review and data empirical evidence, there are constantly important conclusions out, as well as you will constantly have a burst of inspiration. And you will constantly have inspiration burst out, remember to immediately write down, and constantly to test to verify your ideas (5) the actual operation: record the key points of each trading process and psychological state, as well as the details of the actual operation experience, these are the things you really absorb from the book, but also your own trading ideas and systems step by step important process! Do not be lazy, there is no line in this world is not to pay for the harvest! These no book will teach you, but it is very important to remember: investment is a piece of work that requires hard work, not sitting over there thinking, to repeatedly do, repeatedly summarize, record insights, repeatedly summarize In addition, it is necessary to declare a sentence, feel useful to silently accept, feel useless to laugh please detour, the way of investment is very much but most of the trap, the road is not the same, everyone has the freedom of speech. 1, < < stock mastermind memoirs > > - any trader must not read, worth repeatedly in the entire trading career of the Bible ~ the idea of the Bible! It takes at least five years in the field to understand it! It takes at least ten years of practice to truly understand the concepts revealed in the book! This book is filled with Livermores life and investment ideas He has had several ups and downs, making big money both long and short, making away with 3% of the US GDP at its peak, equivalent to $450 billion in 2016! A lifetime of accumulated experience, later generations of stock gods, including Graham, Warren Buffett, Soros, Peter Lynch, etc. have been influenced by it, especially Peter Lynch as the most so Jack Schwager said: "In interviews with the 30 most prominent contemporary securities traders, I asked them the same question: which book is the most inspiring to securities traders? By far the only one at the top of this list is the great book "Memoirs of a Stock Trader" published 70 years ago" 2. Sporandy - the must-read bible of investment science No. 2 ~ the real-world bible! But novices need at least five years of market refinement plus enlightenment to really read it! Financial investment is a very professional technology, never play metaphysics, must start from the basics, can be layers of cause and effect deduce the reason for your high odds, and this is the real professional and sound investment path, this book is to teach you how to step on such a correct path of trading! [Reading Guide]: This book is more important to professional investors than any other book! To read must first have a systematic thinking, the market is complex, your perspective must also be open, not to drill the bulls-eye, clutching a few tools you think effective do not release (such as purely technical or purely fundamentalist are the performance of the bulls-eye), in order to really close to your market, know to weigh the various factors that affect the actual trend (the national economic level, the technical aspects of price movements, corporate fundamentals, market width and trend, etc.) and then integrate different tools to quantify your chances of winning! These tools can be used directly as presented in the book, or you can find your own unique and quantifiable tools for observing the market by using examples of these tools according to your understanding! If you go down this road solidly, you will certainly dig your own gold mine! 3, Taiwans masters of Scar Laoji anthology ~ Scar Laoji   +<<Gift of the Ghost>> These two books have too many similarities, are low-key practical masters of the core concept of the crystallization, must be one and the same! Chinese masters of the only recommended speculative operations practical guidance, to teach you the basic ideas of speculation and the essentials of the operation of the position! The only recommended speculative operation guide for Chinese masters is the one that teaches you the basic ideas of speculation and position taking. Sporlandi influence, visible <<professional speculative principles >> the weight of where 4, to the newcomer to some practical guidelines, for professional investment to master the data is very important, it is best to know programming understand quantitative let people to work for you can also or use Excel for statistical calculations, of course, will not these same can invest, but will be these are always a lot more advantages, the introduction of a Beginners < < zero start python big data and quantitative trading > >, understand a large number of open data interface, the data collection down, according to their own ideas to statistics to understand, now start hands-on practical, investment is the need to hands-on practical to think, rather than lying in bed blindly follow the classics, less detours, of course, the detours are inevitable great masterpiece Memoirs have all kinds of reviews version as well as the big master manipulation, is the interpretation of the various masters, it is recommended that these packages are bought to take a serious look, following the footsteps of the masters, can be faster to let their own trading ideas take shape to use a paragraph of a domestic first-class speculator: the contemporary school of stock technology laws to my years of research found that are based on Livermores stock manipulation, said his operating system It is not too much to say that his system of operation is the fundamental of Wall Street. We must note that in those days there was no network no financial information no computer no technical indicators and K-line charts no wide range of investment theories and books, etc., the genius relies entirely on their own diligence and perception of the first two books can be said to be the most valuable classic books of trading, after understanding these two books, other books are dark, dispensable, want to break into the financial market The first two books can be called the bible for a professional speculator, one is the concept of the bible, one is the actual bible of the hand memoirs is like Chinese painting ink, about the most critical way of thinking about trading, relatively thick lines; professional speculation principle is to explain the key concept of trading how to implement the practical ways and means, look well to understand, the trend tracking The main points are all in the book to see the perception of high and low, the two books complement each other, one is indispensable if you think the above book is too little, must add some books (too basic book this side is not introduced, the bookstore is more entry-level investment literacy book), here are some refined expansion of the book introduced to those who are interested: 1, <<Follow the trend: identify important market inflection points >> Marsteringmarkettiming(First of all, this book may not be of much use to most people, because they cant read or have no idea about the statistics, and only have real use to stock traders who have some market experience, foresight to capture the inflection point of the general trend is the core technology of the first-class masters, the trend is formed at the beginning of the first step into the field, the trend ends before the early withdrawal, those who are interested to go to the book The actual data calculation needs to be combined with their own comprehension of their own continuous experiments, winners and losers of the divide in this unfold) 2, < < Short-term trading secrets > > ~ Larry Williams (not to encourage you to short term trading, but many of the ideas in this book are as important and effective for any type of trader, Larry Williams philosophy has penetrated the technical (not to encourage you to go short term trading, but many of the ideas in this book are as important and effective for any type of trader, Larry Williams ideas have penetrated the essence of technical analysis, especially the last two chapters on the technical analysis of the point explanation, any trading veterans better not miss this book, it can be applied to any liquidity trading market) 3, < < from loss to win: stocks, futures, foreign exchange practical summary > > ~ Ma Bo (honestly, the domestic investment practical books basically no so-called classics, can only be short to pick a high one, Ma Bo this This book is very sincere, objective point to say, the book in the futures and foreign exchange practice relatively full of some, he only just touched the A-share market to the doorway of the big idea is right, according to the master standard is just beginning, but also limited to this bias is inevitable reason for the recommendation is: this book is completely from the perspective of the retailer practice, newcomers can see the effect immediately, do not play those bullshit theory to fool people, there are a lot of the authors heart transformation process to tell Pretty good, quite practical value, can make the domestic traders who have gone astray to wake up more quickly, the change in mindset is very important for a trader) 4, < < value sniper - stock market fundamentals in action > > ~ Li Weihong (to understand the important way of thinking of A-share value investors, as well as the fundamental analysis of how to land the main points of the actual battle, especially the plate rotation group thinking analysis and investment timing in terms of different sectors in different quarterly cyclical performance data statistics is very practical value) 5, < < low risk investment path > > ~ Xu Dawei Liu Ying (from some low risk arbitrage subject introduction, expand the horizons of investment, more understanding of some bear market investment path) 6, < < < human body use manual > & gt;~ Wu Qingzhong (is it funny? Not, trading is a persistent psychological warfare, but also physiological warfare, control their own body to control their own transactions, to have a good life, otherwise everything from nothing) In addition by the way, what wave theory, astrology, Gann theory, chaos operation method of a class are metaphysical dregs of the theory of the planets top masters including Livermore, Soros, Warren Buffett, Rogers, Dennis The top players on the planet, including Livermore, Soros, Buffett, Rogers, Dennis, etc. have never had a case of success by these junk theories, including the real professional masters on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, no one recommends these junk theories, especially the wave theory is only one use is to let people get lost in the worthless so-called K-line patterns to become the main capital short term slaughter object, every year there are many people who have gone off the rails to predict the market to break through 6000 or even 10000 points It is really terrible and sad, really the Falun Gong of the investment community, the national investment community ignorance degree beyond human imagination! A good investment method must be able to withstand a large amount of long-term data empirical evidence, computer quickly can be confirmed can be deduced, data, true or false since clear, no basis for bullshit immediately appear prototype of these things in common: only K line, two ears do not hear outside the window, make money is the theory of the credit, money loss is their own failure to read and then read the scriptures, in short, the theory is always right for these pseudoscientific Theoretical is always right for these pseudo-scientific things harm people in the invisible, everyone came to the market is to make money, not to be a theorist, the market is a knife to see blood, what the idea is to land the real battle is the right way, addicted to which will only make you farther and farther from the truth of the market, newcomers do not go astray for the real battle, send a paragraph of the most valuable words to aspiring speculative career friends, remember this paragraph and then enter the market, will certainly take a lot less detours:. The key to fast profits in trading does not lie in whether you look right or wrong, it lies in the fact that you lose very little when you look wrong, and win money when you look right win to the end! When you look at the right part of the profits can be completely exposed to risk or even leverage can not hurt to indulge in greed ~ this is the success of trading a blasting point, note that the principal is not allowed! To put it directly, for the total capital every loss of 2% to 3%, profit when winning 30% to 100% or even more, long-term down you are destined to be a winner, this is the commonality of all trading masters market losers on the contrary, look at the right profit every time very little, look at the wrong loss or even a total loss, most of the keen technical indicators short term inverted spreads small retail investors seem to operate a high rate of victory, but a loss In addition, for the stock market, plus an important sentence, remember not to operate only according to technical analysis, must understand the fundamentals of understanding the value of individual stocks and even the entire market relative margin of safety ~ that is, the degree of bubble, the bubble high to be careful and then careful to know the fear of remembering this paragraph, you can begin to learn while in the market grow up! When to do the above, you have learned to trade, become a rich man for you is sooner or later (is a bit of chicken blood, of course, from the recognition of acceptance of trends to learn to track trends in any market is a difficult metamorphosis process, in addition to the actual combat and then the actual combat no other way), any industry to succeed, the beginning of the right road also to at least 10,000 hours of training, but most people I think that anyone who analyzes the market and predicts the market, if you completely ignore the technical analysis, it is quite foolish behavior I must emphasize that I rarely trade based on technical analysis alone I have seen many traders who do not trim their sleeves and wear out I have seen many unkempt and worn sleeves of traders, they so trust technical analysis "walking in the world", do not get entangled in what the bullshit sectarian disputes, not purely technical nor purely fundamentalist, that is a foolish thing to do, only when the slick professional money-making faction, follow the market on the right! Off-topic: books are only experience text, humans have entered the digital age, now the market size has been relatively large, modern investment can not just talk about disk sense, to take data to speak, statistics is the medium, the concept of these books combined with a large number of practical digestion and absorption into their own trading software, which is really useful precipitation, it is your unique map of the battle, only have a different perspective from others It is the only way to improve the odds of gaming, mentality and patience are from this is not empty talk, it makes your trading ideas clear, can be deduced can be replicated, let the trading career on track! > > Once again, the method of learning: directly from how to weigh the odds, how to buy how to sell, how to control losses, how to amplify the profits of this main line of study and practice, and this has nothing to do with the book all thrown away! The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the field of financial investment for a long time, and they are always in the minority according to the proportion of the total number of people, often after the great enlightenment of the majority of the field, at least the proportion I have seen is so as much as possible, can say that these people do not learn? Can you say that you have not seen many of these great works? Not absolutely so, I believe that people really engaged in finance, and not sales business, but the trading side, read the book is really more but read, and the real success is not necessarily the absolute logical relationship or even possible, but also real people, even after reading more expertise books, still will burst, will lose money, countless examples I do not want to say pretend to be a saint or Gods pointers, I am very Honestly, Ive lost money, Ive lost positions that were not able to sleep for several nights in a row, everyone is not a god, no one can do perfectly every time on the financial road there is a flaw is not important, but what is important is whether your state of mind is still calm your life experience has created you immobile as a mountain of temperament and state of mind jjyys said these are actually just one sentence you want to learn poetry, kung fu outside the poem Laozis "Tao Te Ching", "Three Kingdoms", "Three Kingdoms" and "Three Kingdoms". Tao Te Ching", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Zhou Yi", "Sun Tzu Art of War" these can also be considered to look at, but of course, the premise is that financial aspects of your professional knowledge is more solid la or light mentality is strong, financial knowledge is not sufficient, is not enough to add a final sentence, really dull, I also feel that watching will have the feeling of wanting to sleep @ Anze with Curtis Feiths "Turtle Trading Method" in the industry Feel the power again (why do you feel a little bit of the flavor of the Mao election ......) Warren Buffett: "Warren Buffetts Letter to Shareholders", the English version, take your time to read it Sam Walton: "Rich in America" SamWalton: MadeinAmerica: the author is the founder of Wal-Mart The history of the development of some excellent companies is necessary to read the stock market, Warren Buffett has repeatedly recommended this book I read the original version of this book, I do not know how the translated version Howard. Schultz: "will heart into the", Starbucks founder of Starbucks can be said to be different from traditional enterprises, this company from the beginning to absorb venture capital, is a modern venture capital environment to feed out of the enterprise Soros: "financial alchemy" AlchemyofFinance, Soros classic book JackD.Schwagers financial wizard trilogy: "financial geek" ( MarketWizards:InterviewswithTopTradersTheNewMarketWizardsHedgeFundMarketWizards:HowWinningTradersWin Barton Biggs: "HedgeFundWizards" Jiang Ping: "Taiwan Stock Market Big Bubble" @ fall late I do not know what books are worth reading for all, I will only say a few books that have had the greatest impact on me 1, "Taiwan Scarab Two", strictly speaking, this is not a book, is a collection of speeches of a master of the Taiwan Forum, I read more than one time, should be considered the construction of my trading system the most influential book because there are really few books will be the overall Operation process specifically written out 2, "financial geek" "new financial geek" "stock market wizards" the three first book I feel most deeply, is the interview of international financial masters, especially the first 3, "Memoirs of a stock producer" to be honest, I have forgotten a lot of the plot of this book, but many things have been integrated into their own this book is too classic, needless to say 4, "teach you to speculate in stocks 108 lessons" bandit version, entangled in Say Zen ah, also do not say more, find their own, anyway, I do not have a way to accept the whole, but about the use of MACD and many other things do not need to say more 5, "wave theory", so much it, wave this thing is heavy structure, is to describe the market, rather than predictions, would like to remember that many things must be found by yourself @ what to know combined with their own learning path, for newcomers to the market to talk about 1, literacy stage The book, can teach you to find the market support and resistance, to understand the price and volume of time and space synchronization analysis of the key, and eventually establish their own trading system "short term trading secrets" "Crowe talk about investment strategy" "a traders capital management system" "the road to financial freedom" remember to be sure to learn the ideas in the book 2, the advanced stage, can teach you to understand the market, analysis of the market "to clarify the framework of macroeconomic operations" Mankun The "Principles of Macroeconomics" "Thinking and Decision Making" "Self-Control" "Practical Analysis of Investment Strategies" 3, the practice stage always have the classic theory of finance book "Investment" "Monetary Banking" "futures, options and their derivatives" mind books "futures traders money management strategies" "Securities Analysis" "Principles of Financial Engineering" "n minutes to learn matlab" "Principles of Econometrics" focus on learning the Merrill Lynch investment clock" helps tremendously, can learn to analyze the market structure and industry rotation of investment ideas 4, the ultimate road your own delivery list, evolving investment philosophy and discipline, discipline, discipline @ Trader publishing books is also a large market, there are many books inside is no real-world experience writers out of thin air and written, for no screening ability of the beginner impact is very large therefore not that read The more books you read, the better, it is necessary to choose the recognized excellent books  "Memoirs of a Stockmaker" industry bible without controversy, mainly to introduce the greatest speculator of the last century Livermore from carrying $5 to the peak of the legendary story of 100 million in a narrative way to summarize the rules of the master speculation  "Technical Analysis of Stock Market Trends" (Machinery Industry Press) books are very thick, charts Rich, comprehensive technical analysis of the basic learning manual, teaching you the correct understanding of the trend The wisdom of speculation of the Chinese author of a large impact of books, not much content but very incisive from the vivid and shallow small stories to analyze the logic of the speculative market, in terms of the concept of guidance to the reader should be how to survive and develop in the speculative market Ten Years a Dream, the first domestic speculators biography through the author in the speculative The story of the ups and downs in the market, summarizing the reflection of human nature in the trading market, the book is concerned with the requirements of self-cultivation of traders @ Feng Lei crooked nuts write: the memoirs of the great stock trader this needless to say, the classic in the classic domestic people write: the chaos of Wall Street dont look at the name a little low, but the author with a funny and humorous language depicts the experience and thinking as a fixed income trader in Wall Street. Readability is very strong, will be a lot of financial principles with a vivid example depicted, so that the reader can not help but think between, deepen the readers thinking and understanding of finance highly recommended! @ Arnold Castro Memoirs of a great mastermind, the rabble, the beauty of the system, the Black Swan, the ghost of Wall Streetasking, professional speculators, speculation to raise a family, inadequate, K-line in the killing of the text of the excellent players more practical, more summary, more thinking @ wind forest volcano I recently read the "securities chaos operation method", all of a sudden, very carefully read several times, probably three views match it, after this book as The book is a good example of how to get the most out of a book. I think after reading so many books, not all the contents of each book are useful, pick out what you need and agree with, such as the 2B rule in the "Principles of Professional Speculation", "Short-term Trading Secrets" in the large range and small range cycle @ Tang Han a newcomer to the market to learn the progression path: "Memoirs of a stock trader" "Japanese candle lines" "Free The Road to Finance" ...... "How Steel is Made" "The Beginning of Zen" "The Buddhist Scriptures" "Lao Tzu" ...... "Cervical Spondylosis Rehabilitation Guide" "Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation Daily Care" "Hypertension Pressure Reduction Treasure Book" "Psychiatric Symptomatology ...... "Alive" @DannyLee "The Three Skills of Top Trading" "Wilcox Manipulation" "The Secret of Tackling the Banker" "Follow the Trend: Identify Important Market Inflection Points" Read and understand it thoroughly, you can basically make stable profits @ Cloth Dow Theory, Turtle Trading Law, Stock Market Trend Technical Analysis, Trend Tracking, Stock Greatest Hits The three elements needed for a successful trader are: technology, mindset, and money management, of which the mindset is the most difficult technical books: "Trading for a Living" "The Art of Selling" "Into My Trading Room" trilogy mindset training: "Self-Control" series and recommend reading "Memoirs of a Great Stock Trader" to read these carefully to do to achieve profitability other advanced learning will need to expand on their own @ Zhang can not look at other useless, more look at the trading system and trend tracking bar several books can be well read dozens of times < stock market trends technical analysis > < Japanese candlestick chart new explanation > < technical analysis and stock profitability forecast > < trading psychology > < programmed trading practice > < turtle Trading > turtle warfare is also good, but high backtesting makes people can not stand to read these is enough, enough you gallop, I especially think the first three books can be read for life