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Averages Overview

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Trend-based technical indicators for cashback forex identification methods ForexrebateforExness forexcashrebate forexrebates their derivative indicators people always want some authority to inform their reasonable and effective behavior, to escape freedom Forex rebate for Exness human nature, a specific expression in the field of financial trading is that people want to find a universal indicator or the holy grail of trading indicators, so as to save themselves the labor of thinking and judgment, you can directly quote the indicators So technical indicators in the field of trading is quite popular find a technical indicator to confirm the trend, which is the biggest effort in the trading community early financial indicators are relatively simple and clear, with the use of technical analysis of more and more traders, the trend characteristics of the price trend more and more complex, the market noise is getting bigger and bigger the most famous trend identification indicator is the moving cashbackforexexness, this line This line is obtained from the moving average, which is the most intuitive average calculated from the number of prices of the last N periods, and so on to calculate other averages, and the average is connected into a line, which is the moving average moving average is currently the most widely used trend identification indicator, mainly. Single averages, double averages, three averages, grouped averages, etc., averages can be adopted price data also have a difference, such as taking the closing price, there is to take the highest price and the average of the lowest price, there is to adopt the opening price, etc.  In addition to simple moving average, there are exponential moving average, moving average, etc. single averages do trading trend identification strategy less, double averages system in the public use more, three SMA system is commonly used in professional traders, such as chaos trading guru Bill Williams, international speculation guru Crowe, etc. The adoption of grouped averages began with the creation of the Guby Compound Moving Average by Dai Ruo Guby, this method is actually the use of two groups of averages to complete certain functions of two averages moving averages of the most general use is the so-called Granbaugh averages eight methods, in fact, four uses combined with long and short Evolved into eight, this theory can be used for a single average, but also for two averages or two groups of averages of research and judgment, its value is mainly limited to the entry signal
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