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BNP Paribas forexcashrebate part of the BNP Paribas Group, an forexrebatesternational bank with a presence in more than 60 countries Forex rebate for Exness total assets of more than $269 billion. We cover all major markets as well as some emerging markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and most of South East Asia, and now Hungary, Russia and Poland.  Bottom-up analysis Dynamic analysis Swiss approach: objective and neutral Risk and probability analysis Optimal diversification portfolio Traits of a top trader Stop-loss Bottom-up analysis: an expert in the odds Bernard Opertit emphasizes cashbackforexexness the main target is the individual company, that he studies a company and becomes an expert in it. Bernard Opertit spends countless hours studying individual companies, trying to grasp the mindset of the companys management, sh ForexrebateforExnessholders, employees, correspondent banks, creditors, debtors, and traders in the companys stock, and he calculates possible subsequent developments and stock price reactions.  In 1993, we were involved with Northwest Airlines, a company that had financed a merger in 1989 and then the entire airline industry went into a severe recession, with overall losses in the billions of dollars, and Northwests performance was in the toilet. Probably $6 or $7 billion, except for $500 million in bonds, the rest was bank debt) Due to renewed difficulties in the short term, the company raised the threat of bankruptcy The companys executives negotiated hard with the banking group, employees, and suppliers separately, and as long as the negotiating counterparties would be damaged by Northwests bankruptcy, the companys attitude was very tough Northwest began to win some concessions Banks agreed to eliminate interest charges In order to achieve these significant results, Northwest posed as if they were about to go bankrupt and every day, they always said through the media: ‘We intend to declare bankruptcy’This is the reason why the price of the companys bonds kept falling. I think it was all a scare tactic, but of course, it was very good for the company, forcing the negotiators to give in. It didnt make sense for us to be in the bond business because it was so small, so we started buying Northwests debt. Once the negotiator gave in, everything miraculously returned to normal and the company started posting some nice numbers, the bond price went back to parity, and we made four or five times the profit. When they got into trouble, just like Northwest Airlines, they created all kinds of noise through the media to make the situation look bad. This may be the reason why we have the opportunity to take advantage of price disruptions, because many derivatives traders are not familiar with the underlying security, and traders in the underlying security are not familiar with the derivative. It may not always be the case that an event may not have information or hidden issues that people miss. For example, trade unions may be important players * Understand cashback forex they should say for their own benefit; or, what benefits may come from what they say. What are the hidden issues? No conversation should be taken lightly as long as there are interests at stake * Who are the biggest losers?  *Who are the biggest beneficiaries?  *What are the best, second best, and third best outcomes for each interest group?  *Where is the focus and influence of each interest group to manipulate the development of events?  *How will each group react to each outcome? If one person does this, how are others likely to react and what will follow?  Thinking about corporate events in this way is obviously a skill that takes time to develop, but it can also add interest to the trade. Finally, remember that for Opiate, prices are driven by corporate events, and corporate events are shaped by powerful people. Always remember that many people have influence over a company or a particular situation. Always keep an open mind and an objective stance. Pettit introduces a very interesting idea basic analysis is very important, but so is what I call ‘dynamic analysis’ you want to know exactly what is happening in a company, what someone is doing, what their purpose is, when they intend to do it, and how far they can go behind any event there must be a story, and you have to understand that story according to Bernard O. Pettit In the case of stock trading, I think technical analysis is 99% bullshit, and that probably doesnt apply to forex, most commodities, indices and interest rates, where technical analysis is quite important, because there is no uniform correct approach to these markets, even if your operations are quite unsatisfactory. However, I still want to emphasize that the story behind the calculations is very important and that the protagonists of who is going to do what may not be banks, suppliers and shareholders of companies, but governments, supply/demand relations and producers.
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