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Bollinger line against the rapid bottoming

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  In the era of forexrebatesstitutional gaming, due to the mutual dumping of institutions, the ForexrebateforExness appears rapid bottoming, often giving investors excellent wave bottoming, playing tunnel warfare good opportunity cashback forex line bottom rail has inherent oversold characteristics can assist in bottoming, but the stock price since the high impact Bollinger line bottom rail is often the top turn track down signal, so investors in the use of the bottom rail bottoming out, for hitting the track of the short term rebound or the significance of the mid-term wave bottoming out must be clear forexcashrebate for the stock price at the bottom, the middle, high must be treated differently, and with the money flow indicator MFI in the market to reach the freezing point when buying calmly, can greatly increase the odds we found that to capture the stock market greater opportunity for cold-blooded fencing method required market conditions are:    1 The Bollinger BOLL does cashbackforexexness continuously fall below the lower rail does not strike at the same time? fall below the lower rail of the Bollinger line? And Bollinger limit BB < 0 when the signs of bottom divergence is a better buying opportunity   2. Do not see the freezing point not to get out of the money flow indicator MFI can be regarded as the RSI indicator with volume a. When the MFI < 20 on behalf of the funds short-term cooling too fast freezing point of the short and medium-term oversold signal b. MFI in about 20 level, the stock price appears a bottom than a bottom low, M FI a bottom than a bottom high bottom divergence can be regarded as a more reliable medium-term reversal up signal c. MFI <35 indicators for two consecutive effective on the cross its average line as a short and medium-term buy or hold signal   3. Adjustment time is not enough? William indicators do not hit the bottom many times? Four hit the bottom of the situation does not strike at the same time? The market has fallen a lot in the medium term? The number of William also hit the bottom of the medium-term adjustment in place signs for buying time   4. The market does not appear group panic selling climax not to buy in the selling climax in the stock price in the long-term panic based on a sudden sharp fall, and at the same time, the volume greatly aggravated, small and medium-sized investors forced to large losses and insurmountable panic and large chop positions, the bottom of the volume Suddenly swell for the biggest feature at this time, the short has succeeded, heavy hands sharply break the lower Bollinger rail is a good opportunity to lure the enemy deeper overshoot the bottom and once the bottom of such huge volume of stocks appear to attack the volume up often can capture the medium-term reversal and faster pull-up opportunities
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