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cashbackforexexness d forexrebatescovered this idea while forexcashrebate on my laptop cashback forex a café Forex rebate for Exness I was thinking about how I went from trading in a cluttered, complicated, multi-display way for a few years or so to a mobile, simplified way of trading ForexrebateforExness really takes me away from emotion and overtrading because instead of walking into a huge exchange and sitting in front of 10 flat screens anxiously entering the market, I can trade on my laptop. Ive found over the years that if theres what I think is a great price action signal on a chart on a given day, I can lock it in and trade it from my laptop, whether Im at home or at a friends house or a coffee shop, and I started thinking, how does this approach fit perfectly with the simple scaled-down approach that comes with price action analysis? This is in contrast to the stereotypical trader who analyzes and trades on a few LCD screens that are flooded with economic news and technical indicators all day long. If you want to trade in a cafe, you do it. Thats the aesthetics of it. Simplifying every aspect of trading frees up trading and makes it more free and flexible. The same approach applied to trading in a cafe, couch or other location is to simplify your trading whether it is your hardware or software equipment reducing the variables and clutter on your charts is a great way to save time and make money with the world economic news that is constantly in front of us on the internet, TV and other media making traders face mountains of moving variables in the market on a daily basis If we take a simplified approach in trading If we take a simplified approach to trading, we can set aside those variables and get right to the point of finding the signals we are waiting for, and that takes only 10 minutes or so a day Most of us understand that the trading strategy I use is price action and trading on the 4-hour and daily charts Once you understand this technique, you dont need to spend many hours a day testing the market Trading is perhaps the only profession in the world where less is more Many people have a lot of problems when they first start trading because they are used to trading for a long time, studying for a long time and spending as much time as possible on this matter. The reason this happens is that your actions are useless for the market and the only thing you can do is to analyze them and trade at high probability signals. You only need to open the chart 2-3 times a day to find your trading pattern, then enter the market and either adjust your stop loss or walk away reading the Forex news every day and figuring out the meaning of multiple indicators in front of your computer is completely unnecessary and counterproductive. How to become a cafe forex trader Becoming a cafe forex trader is entirely the result of simplifying your trading strategy, reducing your analysis time and remaining calm and objective, most traders start trading in an aggressive way, get excited about trading at first, and then get completely confused about what they are doing After the test of practice, we learn the lesson that less is more, and either give up all I mean many Traders who complicate the trading process and lose money The most simplified way to start a cafe trade is perhaps to use long-period price behavior charts Long-period price charts will give you a clearer overview of the market Traders who use short-period charts tend to end up in front of the computer analyzing the charts and following up on the trade steps Its easy to get caught up in overtrading with short-period charts The more you look at them, the more likely you are to The most effective and easiest way I know is to wait patiently for price action signals to appear on the 4 hour or daily charts If they appear I trade, if not I walk away I let the market make the decision to provide me with the signals I am waiting for at the right time and place Many traders have clear signals to trade but by interfering they give up on trading at the right time By interfering they abandon the signals that appear at the right time, which is comical. Trading with long cycles and low frequency benefits the busy modern trader who is on the move. My advice is that all traders should first master long term trading and find successful price action trading signals on the 4 hour and daily charts Summary trading was once thought to exist only for the elite at the top of the ivory tower I teach traders to trade from a cafe or home with a wireless connection. The result is a shorter trading time and a simplified trading style that actually helps traders improve their trading behavior because Forex trading is highly psychological and traders are prone to overtrade and increase the chances of emotional trading mistakes. The triggering factor for failed forex trading is that it makes it easy for traders to develop bad trading habits. Unfortunately, these are difficult to break unless the trader suffers a huge loss. If you are interested in the coffee shop trading style and you just need a solid trading strategy to start your trading, I suggest you take a look at the Price Action Trading Tutorial
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