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Detail MT4 software true or false identification

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In the official website of the forexcashrebate of Midasoft, you find more than 750 dealers forexrebates banks using MT4, serving millions of traders; and on the other hand, there cashback forex about 1,000 domestic platforms, large and small, even if you throw away a large number of white labels, in the entire Chinese foreign exchange market, there are countless people who are using what may be those pirated versions of MT4 So where are the pros and cons of MT4? How can we tell if a software Forex rebate for Exness pirated or ForexrebateforExness? Todays topic is to talk about MT4 true or false judgment  [MT4s advantages]  where does MT4s advantages lie? There are three main aspects: strong work performance, extremely high credibility and a wide range of usage 1. Strong work performance Strong work performance, there is no doubt about it, MT4 since its launch on July 1, 2005, it has continued to gain market recognition, in October of that year, and the launch of the latest mobile terminal platform, two months later it became the market Mainstream products, all this performance shows the strong work performance of MT4 itself, here we cashbackforexexness not add narrative 2. Very high credibility Most brokers themselves will also launch their own trading software, the cost of developing and maintaining a trading software is actually very high, so why would brokers choose to do it themselves?  There are three main reasons, the software developed by itself because of its own characteristics, on the one hand, can have its own unique place, on the other hand, when the average trader uses a unique product and then goes to use someone elses platform products, there will be a kind of discomfort exists, based on this, will enhance the viscosity of the brokers users; the third point, compared to MT4, the software designed by their own To make some adjustments and behind the settings back easier And MT4 despite the API excuse, you can add plug-ins, but compared to the brokers own software, to carry out certain improper settings or more trouble, and thus MT4s credibility is also higher 3. Wide range of usage In 2012, more than 90% of the worlds retail Trading volume is transacted through the MT4 platform, and today this proportion will be greater, in fact millions of users are using MT4, more than 700 dealers and banks are using it, which means that if you want to change brokers, use MT4, you do not need to go back to adapt, because the next broker is also using MT4  [the disadvantages of pirated MT4]   1. The platform version is too low, cracked, too many loopholes in the guidance system, calculation errors, there will be automatic position closing, automatic single elimination, automatic single change, margin calculation errors, not violent position, can not place a single, etc. 3. Data sources change from time to time 【MT4 true or false identification】 For MT4 trading platform whether it is genuine The computer version is an independent installation package, many things can be cracked to modify the pirated version is now also very deep camouflage, ordinary traders often can not identify the pirate system or genuine system Here to introduce two methods, one is the official website message, Medak company will reply to the email to you; there is a direct search in the MT4 mobile terminal, so more aspects online also have the third look at the installation package size, the genuine installation package is relatively small, Maidaq download is about 591K, generally in this size up and down 1. official website message query: /The company will reply to you 2.Mobile phone certification You can search for the company name when you select the server in the MT4 mobile version, if not the MT4 certified platform is not searchable    The actual software is not a regular dealer, but one thing is, the genuine software is quite expensive to buy, but also need to hire professional technicians to maintain, the investment cost is relatively large some general this kind of genuine software even if the black platform is not too blatantly eat the customers principal, but also will not immediately run away