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Eight single open position method self-created lightweight trading system simple and easy to do!

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Previously I elaborated on the Luang Pao public number several times eight Forex rebate for Exness ForexrebateforExness position method see some friends forexcashrebate the background message said,  position control also can not! I do not know how to deal with the loss of a single? Is the lock single? Or res forexrebatestance single? Three currency pairs assume that a total of eight single, one of the single loss added to three layers, the remaining two currency pairs each two layers are floating losses! How to operate next? What is the main idea? The next step is to add layers of positions?  This question is very well asked in the real world often encounter such a cashback forex situation, which is part of our trading, need to have a solution today, take this opportunity, I re-complete the elaboration once again, I use in the real world for a long time in the lightweight trading system: eight single open position method simple, practical, effective Eight single open position method of the core concept Eight single open position method The core concept of a position capital management system it is dependent on the single species cashbackforexexness total position capital management, to achieve the control of risk Familiar with my friends know that in forex trading I have always placed special emphasis on position management years of trading experience also tells us that the technology has been perfect, however, affect our stability and profitability, there is always only one reason: position management!  The same trading system, exactly the same trading list, position is not the same, the effect of doing a single is completely different position determines the retracement of the disk, the magnitude of the retracement of the disk affects the risk management, interference with the psychological factors This is the logic of reasoning between the position and risk in the trading chain  Eight single open position method of trading system composition  Position capital management method: the use of eight single open position management method to position management technical analysis in terms of entry and exit points: the use of six technical indicators constitute the analysis system to manage the entry point, exit point and add positions, reduce positions the maximum retracement control composition in the plate the maximum retracement control point in the plate: according to the ratio of 10,000 U.S. dollars, if the retracement in the plate is to be strictly controlled within 2.5%, the use of eight single Open position method, how to set the bottom position, small Martin layer number?  According to a large number of live trading experience, to control the retracement within 2.5%, the bottom position into the field should generally be set within 0.03 lots, 0.03 lots can also be traded for straight currency system, such as Europe and the United States, the British pound, Australia and the United States, the United States and Japan, excluding gold and crude oil, index  Eight single open position method composition, to 10,000 U.S. dollars funds for example  Bottom position:   nbsp; all open positions are fixed positions, that is, not doubled plus positions, not reduce the times to add 10,000 U.S. dollars, each time a fixed open 0.03 hand Europe and the United States  maximum position:   the total position held, unilateral direction together not more than eight single 0.03 hand  single species position:   in a single species, not more than four single 0.03 hand and, it should be noted Is, the four single, is used to do the plate micro Martin unsettlement use, not at the same time under four single position of how to measure the four single entry point? This needs to be combined with my six-line fixed technical indicators to establish support resistance entry level Disc retracement control:  Eight single open position method, if you use the bottom 0.03 lots fixed open position, then in principle, to control the disc net retracement of 2.5% for the principle Stop profit and stop loss:  Each single only set a small stop profit, not set a stop loss in principle The vast majority of the single is profitable and out of the entry point requirements, there are technical requirements for adding positions The treatment of the hedged single:  The hedged single directly ignored, as if it had not happened according to the currency exchange in a period of time, will swing back and forth oscillation principle, the vast majority of the single will be completely unhedged in three days to three weeks If you are hedged in a large one-sided market, you can hedge the Part of the single hedging treatment eight single open position method of the core points still lies in: 1, ultra-light bottom position 0.03 hands to prevent risk 2, a single variety of positions not more than four 0.03 hands, that is, the maximum position on a single variety of no more than 0.12 hands 3, scattered varieties of open positions, the maximum position of no more than 8 single 0.03 hands At the same time, in order to improve trading efficiency, the entry and exit points are very important This requires the use of accurate trading technical indicators I set up for this technical indicator analysis system is the six lines to determine the dry, this is not a fancy six lines as an analysis of indicators   above, with my creation of forex trading 21 weeks stability trading plan, enough to allow every trader to achieve a qualitative leap in trading