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Exchange rates and systems Section 2 Exchange rate markup

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In the foreign ForexrebateforExness market, the exchange rate of a country and another countrys Forex rebate for Exness forexcashrebate cashbackforexexness pairs appearing in the basic currency in the front, the target currency in the back, separated by / in the middle, said a unit of the basic currency can be exchanged for how much target currency  exchange rates are expressed in 5 digits, the decimal point in front of the yuan, the last digit after the decimal point for the point usually the change in the exchange rate refers to The last digit of the change such as: GBP/USD current buying cashback forex of 1.9876, refers to 1 pounds now with the U.S. forexrebates to buy the price of 1.9876 U.S. dollars; if bought after a point up, is 1.9877, if a point down is 1.9875  Because of the different types of currency, so the exchange rate markup method is not the same general exchange rate has two markup The method:   A, direct valuation method  direct valuation method is also known as payable valuation method, is expressed in the national currency of the price of foreign currency that is to take the national money to buy the dollar, at this time the dollar is the commodity dollar the price of this commodity rose, that the dollar appreciated, and the local currency depreciated at present most countries in the world use the direct valuation method, our country also uses the direct valuation method that: base currency / target Currency = commodity currency / payment currency = U.S. dollars / domestic currency  Second, the indirect markup method  Indirect markup method also known as receivable markup method, is the price of the domestic currency expressed in foreign currency, that is, take the U.S. dollar to buy the domestic currency, at this time the local currency is the price of commodities local currency this commodity rose, indicating that the appreciation of the local currency, while the dollar depreciated currently only a few countries in the world use the indirect markup method. Such as the British pound, the euro, the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, the Irish pound that: the base currency / target currency = commodity currency / payment currency = national currency / U.S. dollar  Note: For indirectly marked currency, such as the pound, the euro against the U.S. dollar exchange rate rise (K-line chart is moving up), meaning that the price of these currencies rose (appreciation) and the price of the dollar fell (depreciation), because here the pound and The euro is a commodity; but for the direct denominated currencies, such as the franc, the yen exchange rate rise (K-line chart is a rising movement), it shows that 1 unit of dollars need more and more francs and yen to buy, that is, means the appreciation of the dollar and the depreciation of the franc, the yen, because here the dollar is a commodity