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What is Forex rebate for Exness cashbackforexexness spot forexrebates Foreign currency spot exchange refers to the free foreign exchange ForexrebateforExness the deposit account of its entity in the local bank of the currency issuing country mainly remitted from abroad, or foreign currency notes carried or sent from abroad, forexcashrebate received by the bank on consignment, received and deposited in foreign currency spot exchange is foreign currency remitted from abroad and deposited directly into the bank cashback forexout taking out, it includes foreign currency remitted directly from foreign banks, residents entrusting the bank to deposit on their behalf It includes foreign currency received after collection and discounting of foreign government bonds, treasury bills, corporate bonds, financial bonds, foreign bank certificates of deposit, commercial bills of exchange, bank drafts, foreign currency personal checks, etc. Foreign currency cash remittance regulations Since February 2007, personal foreign exchange accounts will no longer have the difference between foreign currency banknotes and foreign currency cash remittances, individuals with their valid identity documents can directly open foreign exchange savings accounts in banks, the Foreign Exchange Bureau in the future unified The Central Banks Measures for the Administration of Foreign Exchange of Individuals (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") distinguishes between domestic individuals and foreign individuals in terms of transaction subjects and between current items and capital items in terms of the nature of transactions. (1) On the basis of the annual total management of individual foreign exchange purchases, the annual total management of individual foreign exchange settlements within the annual total shall be handled directly at banks with ones valid identity documents; for those exceeding the annual total, banks under current items shall also review relevant supporting documents, and those under capital items shall be subject to the necessary approval (2) Individual foreign exchange payments and receipts under current items shall be distinguished between operating and non-operating foreign exchange. (2) is to distinguish between operating and non-operating foreign exchange management of personal current foreign exchange receipts and disbursements, to give full convenience to the operating foreign exchange receipts and disbursements under personal trade, non-operating foreign exchange receipts and disbursements under other current items other than trade for the relevant audit (3) is no longer distinguish between cash and cash accounts, personal non-operating foreign exchange receipts and disbursements are unified through foreign exchange savings account management (4) is to launch the personal settlement and sale management information system, to provide the annual total management Analysts pointed out that in recent years, with the rapid development of Chinas foreign-related economy, the scale of personal foreign exchange payments and receipts has been expanding. There are also capital account transactions The central banks new rules are to fully facilitate personal trade foreign exchange income and expenditure activities and clarify personal capital account transactions, to promote the balance of payments, but also to open the floodgates for high foreign exchange reserves foreign currency cash personal trade foreign exchange funds account Individuals for foreign trade for foreign exchange funds received and paid, should open a foreign exchange settlement account in the commerce department for the registration of foreign trade operation rights after the record, the individual Foreign trade operators engaged in the import and export of goods foreign exchange funds received and paid according to the agency; after business registration or other practice procedures, individuals can be entrusted with the relevant documents with the right to operate foreign trade enterprises as agents under the import and export and tourism shopping, border trade and other items of foreign exchange funds received and paid, transferred and settled as long as they comply with the relevant provisions, the foreign exchange under the real trade of individuals regardless of settlement or According to the new "Measures", domestic individuals, after fulfilling the necessary approval and registration procedures, can make overseas investments in line with national regulations; domestic individuals can buy and sell foreign stocks, bonds and other financial products through banks, fund companies and other domestic financial institutions with the appropriate business qualifications overseas individuals can make direct investments in the territory in accordance with the regulations In addition, individuals can transfer or donate their legitimate property to the outside world in accordance with the regulations The Central Bank spokesman also stressed that the large foreign exchange deposits of foreign individuals in the territory are included in the Short-term foreign debt balance management of depository financial institutions personal capital account settlement and sale of foreign exchange also apply the provisions of the annual total management of individuals: within the total amount, can be directly in the bank with valid identification; total amount above, subject to the relevant state regulations, and approved by the Foreign Exchange Bureau he said that in the future, with the process of convertibility of the capital account, foreign exchange transactions on individual capital items will also gradually and orderly relaxation of foreign currency spot exchange Savings deposit Open a foreign currency savings deposit cash account, should first fill in the savings deposit voucher opening date, account name, deposit period, currency, amount and other content, together with the remittance voucher to the savings branch operator cash account time savings deposit interest accrual with the cash account time savings deposit interest accrual method foreign currency cash application examples In the actual operation of commercial banks, foreign currency cash, foreign currency cash is still sub-account There are different regulations for foreign currency banknotes and foreign currency remittances in products with foreign currency as investment currency Recently, Mr. Xu just finished his study abroad and found a job in a multinational company in Shanghai When he returned home, Mr. Xu still had a dollar cash on hand, and now that the RMB has continuously appreciated, he thought it would be better to go to the bank for foreign exchange settlement as soon as possible "The companys main goal is to provide a comprehensive solution to the problem of the problem. However, Mr. Xu saw in the bank branch that on the foreign currency list, there are still different buying prices for foreign currency notes and foreign currency remittances, and not only that, the banks still adopt the management method of separate accounts for foreign currency notes and foreign currency remittances.
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