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I write the purpose of the Forex rebate for Exness: to establ forexcashrebateh a systematic trad forexrebatesg method, mechanical operation, excluding the influence of emotion, to achieve stable profits to do EA a year, the initial breakthrough system, based on the direction of the breakthrough to buy cashbackforexexness sell, test nearly half a year, the effect is general, decided to give up, but cashback forex EA makes me firmly believe in one thing, that is, only follow the trend of trading to achieve a stable profit EA Therefore, I I think to do a successful EA, the key lies in how to apply all possible methods to determine the trend I found many very common indicators are easy to do this, for example, GBP/USD daily chart, with a long-period RVI to do trend judgment (RVI-110), when the RVI in the value of 0 above the trend for up, and vice versa for down, open and close positions with a short-period RVI do signal instructions (RVI-13), in the uptrend, using RVIMAIN on through RVISIGNAL as a buy signal; in the downtrend, using RVIMAIN down RIVSIGNAL as a sell signal, this system is very simple, but very practical, with a good stop-loss and stop-win strategy, the win is guaranteed, I also prepared an EA for this, interested in You can take a look (with MQ4 file, written very rough, master dont joke)    Grab the main trend, it is like jumping on a fast horse off the reins, taking you all the way forward, may be in front of a cliff, some cliffs may be seen in advance, but some can only jump more so on the horse before the best with a parachute package what? Not a cliff just a staircase? Oh, I want is not to die, suffer some injuries inevitably la I will set the stop-loss conditions for EA, this is considered the orthodox concept or effective first look at a chart, this EA can better catch the trend, but the first cliff or jumped, due to the sharp fall in the exchange rate, EA itself CLOSE-ORDER mechanism is too late to react, but fortunately the stop loss helped next is 9 nbsp;About the curve set into here to tell two stories: ◎ someone practice archery, but always shot inaccurate, see other people arrow red heart, can not help but eye red, and then he thought of a good way, is to first shoot the arrow out, and then run to the arrow shot into the target to draw the arrow target, so it seems, is also arrow red heart; ◎ also said that the United Kingdom gambling culture is prevalent, a gentleman also want to bet on football to get a hand, but he always guessed not The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The next weekend, he predicted last weeks accurate 1000 people and divided into 3 wholesale letters, respectively, to make 3 kinds of predictions, and then the next week, as is the case to the remaining 33 people, he went to them separately, stating that if you want to get the results of this weekends predictions, you need to pay him £ 1,000 first, as a result, most of these people have long been attracted to this unique expert, a certain gentleman finally a big profit the so-called curve set into, is the use of historical information Matching system, for a period of historical quotes and indicators, ForexrebateforExness relationship to write EA, in order to make EA seems to have a good performance, and constantly make adjustments to the parameters, optimization, set filter conditions, so that EA and historical information data between the exact match, the results can be sure that this set of EA in the historical data test performance, will be in time to buy before the big rise, before the big fall in time to sell, but when the next But when the next big up and big down before the EA will also be timely signal? Im afraid not, because the EA is written for past conditions, it does not necessarily apply to the future from their own experience, the more conditions set by the EA, the more complex the structure, the more serious the curve into the situation. First prepare a long enough historical data, split it into two, the first one for observation, the second one try not to look at it, EA out first with the first data for testing, adjustment, until the EA to achieve the target requirements and then use the second historical data to test it, if the EA performance and the previous data is about the same, then I think the EA basically qualified how to use historical testing to evaluate the EA historical data testing The purpose is to objectively assess the effectiveness of the EA, expose the flaws of the EA, so that we can improve, for this reason, before the test we should make the following preparations: 1, a period of historical data not used as a reference in the design of the EA, the data should be as detailed as possible, if possible, should include all the data of the period of time, of course, different EA on the detailed reliance on the data varies, for example, one only based on the For example, a buy and sell signals based on daily average crossing and a multi-time KD resonance to get the signal EA, obviously the latter relies on a higher degree of data detail; 2, empty the MT4 / TESTER directory, each time the data test the directory will leave a large number of data files and EA settings file (often several G huge), timely cleanup can restore a lot of disk space and reduce the previous settings on the (This impact is purely personal speculation, the specific reasons and whether there must be a direct link I can not find the exact basis, but I encountered in the testing process because of these problems and abnormal conditions is really quite a lot); 3, close the EAs money management options, LOTS set to 0.1 or 1, try to make each test record the same volume, which is to better Calculate the profit and loss of the EA, to avoid some coincidences (such as winning just when using a large LOTS, loss when using a small LOTS, of course, if this is your EA-specific intelligent management, the exception); 4, from this deposit principal does not matter much, but we always want to be ready to invest in the future as a test principal; 5, adjust the other parameters, parameters, if more than SAVE it into *. SET file, it is convenient for the next call are ready? Press START!