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Foreign exchange intraday operation of the five principles

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a, the pr forexcashrebateciple of initiative: in forexrebates out must be decided by themselves, can Forex rebate for Exness be handed over to the market as long as it ForexrebateforExness handed over to the market, that is, in the case of their own unprepared for the market to force themselves into or out, generally will lose into: have their own reasons must reach the set conditions before they can enter, can not be disorderly in and out: winnings to out, can not earn and then lose back; cashback forex more to quickly out, loss to their own set stop loss Price must be determined to immediately out can not lose not stop loss thrown regardless, that is, you can not give the initiative to the market, and so the market back that are passive uncertainty, big losses are the result must win or lose in their own initiative within the second, the first time principle: the first time in the turning trend into a single! In the first time to reach the loss price stop loss! Prevent four wrong behavior: 1, prevent fluke mentality not timely stop loss to the stop-loss price, the total fluke, hoping to come back, and therefore not stop loss, and finally nine out of ten will be a big loss so to the stop-loss price must immediately stop loss 2, prevent self-righteousness in advance to enter the feeling of the market to get up, always afraid to enter late will earn less, and thus the conditions did not reach the early entry, often the market reversed to go, resulting in losses so the conditions were not reached Resolutely do not enter 3, prevent not prepared to chase midway into the situation has been up, did not step on the right beat, past the first time to enter, see the market up big only panic anxious to chase into also often lead to losses so past the first time into the single resolutely do not chase, patiently waiting for the next opportunity 4, prevent greed flat out and then chase into the first time accurately into the single, earn money flat out can be flat out after the market did not stop, continue to develop regret, anxious do not do again chase into can enter after the market is over and counter walk, resulting in losses so flat out after such as the market continues to develop, and then big also give up do not, patiently waiting for the next opportunity 3, profit and loss equivalent principle: the amount of money earned and lost in each transaction during the day is roughly equal cashbackforexexnesseculators can make money, is to rely on probability to win assuming that each make money and each lose as much money, and the day a total of five transactions, of which three are earned, two are lost 2 times is lost, that day is earned so should set the stop-loss point within the winnings possible at the same time, the win single can be properly put (a few seconds a few minutes), the loss single to the stop-loss level must be immediately stop-loss four, stop trading principle: there are three situations to stop trading: 1, after the stop loss, not immediately counter, stop trading for a period of time, so that the mood calm down, wait for the next time to do again to prevent changes in mentality chaos backhand 2, the day the transaction does not go well, a few losses in a row resolutely close the position shut down and go away, immediately stop the day of any transaction to prevent continuous big losses, adjust the mentality 3, after a big win, immediately stop trading, prevent the mentality of expansion, think that the ability to pass the sky, and then keep doing is generally a loss five, the amount of single relatively stable principle: no matter how much money, only do a fixed number of lots do not because the transaction goes well, the situation is good to do more than a few hands, the situation is poor to do a few hands. The situation is poor to do a few hands less