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Foreign exchange introduction speculation in foreign exchange novice most likely to make 3 fatal mistakes

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each foreign exchange novice just jo forexrebatesed the ranks of foreign exchange forexcashrebate, basically will cashback forex crazy to shop all kinds of foreign exchange forums, foreign exchange chat rooms, financial sites to collect free trading information which itself is not wrong, through these means can indeed get information to solidly establish the foundation of the transaction but must bear in mind cashbackforexexness these ForexrebateforExness only the foundation of the foundation rarely foreign exchange novice They always mistakenly believe that forex trading skills can be learned in a short period of time Forex rebate for Exness can easily make a lot of money in the forex market This concept often leads forex novices to repeatedly make some of the most common mistakes The following are the 3 most common fatal mistakes made by forex novices The first fatal mistake: not having a trading plan that suits them Most forex novices are A good trading plan must be one that has been repeatedly tested and provides traders with a statistical basis to support their confidence in their trading system and remove the emotional element of uncertainty. The average duration of a trade will help to eliminate anxiety and help to avoid rushing to open and close positions prematurely. The second fatal mistake: not strictly adhering to the trading system Trading systems and indicators are as numerous as they are! Forex novices always lack patience and determination, their expectations are always not very reasonable, always think about the first trade to make a lot of money they do not realize that trading is a long-term effort and practice, the first trade failed they gave up their trading system, always looking for the magic indicators can be rich overnight if you want to make a lot of money will have to persevere in long-term trading Therefore, you must filter to find the right trading system for you The biggest challenge in forex trading is to be disciplined and stick to your trading system until it is perfect. My advice is to trade only one currency pair for a trading time period until you become professional. Then stick with it until it becomes your right arm, and after you reach a certain level of stability then add other currency pairs and time frames. And always stick to it, so you can develop a good habit of strictly abide by the rules of trading, skilled and efficient use of trading platforms and the formation of a good trading concept and mentality step by step to be able to win in the foreign exchange game, do not be impatient and undisciplined trading third fatal error: premature heavy real trading (too much risk) foreign exchange novices usually feel that through a few days of learning and other peoples trading Suggest that they can enter the market to make money without sufficient study and research on risky investment is tantamount to suicide, most of the mistakes made by novices are derived from aggressive trading, unfamiliar with the platform, the lack of trading rules, no controlled trading plan these representative mistakes can still be made up, the most deadly is to trade in heavy positions in making these mistakes! If this is really the case, then step into the eternal disaster! As dangerous as parachuting without a parachute! The direct result of these risky behaviors is that you will lose your money unless you are very well funded. If you do have a lot of money to burn, you will re-deposit and try to convince yourself that the mistakes you made were just accidental. You must be very focused and serious about practicing, and treat your trading income as if it were your main source of income. If you were going to trade tomorrow to support your family, would you be impulsive and reckless enough to take those unnecessary risks? Of course, in addition to the three most common mistakes mentioned above, there are many other problems and challenges faced by novice and even veteran Forex traders, but for novices these three mistakes are the most In fact, those nameless gurus on the Internet will only mislead you into thinking that trading is a no-brainer and a breeze, and its these misleaders that give newbies the motivation and incentive to rush into the market. The important thing is that they are actually deceiving themselves and holding on to the illusion that they will one day trade successfully, and such delusions of grandeur will never bring them to phoenix nirvana! In fact, most of those who hang out in forums and chat rooms are losers and money losers! Remember! 90% of the people in the forex trading game are losing money, and only 10% of the people who make money trade according to the plan and strictly follow the trading rules. There is always a reward for your efforts!
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