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Foreign exchange MACD KDJ SMA Bollinger Bands indicators

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speculation f cashbackforexexnessexrebates foreign ForexrebateforExness short-term trading objectives: master the current trend of the market sounds easy, but it forexcashrebate definitely not simple So, what are the short-term indicators used in foreign exchange?1, MACD It is mainly used to make a judgment on the foreign exchange medium Forex rebate for Exness long-term up or down trend, but it has too much lag, the use of MACD to see the up or down trend, but also mainly look at the currency in Up or down process (DIF short-term - MACD long-term) as the following red and green columns appear when the exchange rate rises or falls a few days later suddenly a day below the longest red and green columns and closing prices do not make a new high or new low, these foreign exchange cashback forex appear a wave of short-term top and low signal, the next day can be sold or bought in batches of high or low 2, KDJ is a very sensitive indicator in the plate, it is with the exchange rate Up and down at any time fluctuations, but here it must be distinguished, strong and weak currency in watching this indicator, often at high and low obtuse if the use of KDJ this indicator alone, do not pay attention to the high and low obtuse, often do not eat the main rising wave of foreign exchange or in the KDJ so-called indicator low when buying prematurely hedged 3, the average short term operation is generally referred to five days, ten days, twenty days three The five-day SMA penetrated the ten-day, twenty-day SMA, ten-day SMA penetrated the twenty-day SMA, called a golden cross, is the time to buy; the opposite is called a dead cross, is the time to sell the three SMAs are aligned upward called long alignment, is the performance of strong currency, the exchange rate drawdown back to the five-day, ten-day, twenty-day SMA is the time to buy (note, must be a drawdown back) 4, BOLL is also I like to watch the application of A technical indicator, where there are three lines in general, currency weakness, BOLL trend down, and the small column inside the two lines running in the following, see across the outermost support line, will form a short-term small rebound to the middle line will fall back on the contrary, currency strength, Boll trend up, the small column inside the two lines running in the above, the middle line will be the support line, fall to here will go up again If you see the above line will fall back to the main down wave or the main up wave, is not to speak of these, will cross the 'upper limit ' and 'lower limit ' when the exchange rate fluctuations are getting smaller and smaller, prompting the Boolean line 'upper limit ' and 'lower limit ' getting closer and narrower, signaling that the trend will change