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Foreign exchange market amulet stop loss

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perennial investment friends should know: stop Forex rebate for Exness forexcashrebate to prevent being eaten by the cashback forex amulet, which shows the importance of stop loss imagine if cashbackforexexness stop loss, 08 September 17 up more than 90 U.S. dollars / ounce, any one of the amount of capital control in more than 10% of the people basically can be burst, which is not stop loss of the awesome That again, someone will say, I stop loss is always back ForexrebateforExness forth to be swept, that tell you, because your entry point is not good to lead to such a result more taboo point is to judge a good profit and stop loss ratio, set a customer to do a single stop loss of 10 points, profit only to see 2 points, since this then why do a single backhand, that stop loss small profits, is the essence of a small boom in the actual transaction, often a dozen small losses accumulated are not as big as one or two After the loss of heavy losses do not stubbornly, or even turn a blind eye; not with the money, repeatedly increase the code to stay stop-loss single is a trader must abide by the discipline, otherwise it is likely to exceed their authority, resulting in more serious consequences because the market is often due to the announcement of unexpected news and other reasons and violent fluctuations, so that people are caught off guard, so, in the volatile market, should be left out of the stop-loss single, do not To save a little money and fall into the realm of ruin Do not dare to lose money Some people in the hedge, always thinking that the market will return to the prodigal son, often until the loss of heavy tears out; but when there is a small profit, but the tight tension, the bag for peace, the result could have earned a gold brick, but only picked up a copper plate A round of the market is often dozens of points, so the loss of time to set limits early, earn The time must earn enough quotes, do not sit only one stop to get off the market once the start, there will be a rich journey behind, do not dare to earn The trend is not heavy price to do foreign exchange to make money is to do more or short, through the difference between buying and selling to make money but discerningly, if the judgment is a large trend, you should buy high sell high or sell low buy low Through analysis to find the best entry point, body with stop loss protection, judge good profit and stop loss range This is the best way to make money!