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Foreign exchange market is never to judge the top low up or down!

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The cashbackforexexness research forexcashrebate never to judge the top Forex rebate for Exness low or even up and down, but the ForexrebateforExness of market is extremely forexrebates the stage, and thus take the corresponding operating strategy to predict the top and bottom and by the cashback forex of the transaction is a gambler price movement, in the deepest level is first "orderly" and "disorderly" of Opposite conversion, that is, sometimes present a certain regularity, regularity, and sometimes the opposite by the, our strategy is: in order when the operation, in disorder when the wait and see; Second, the price movement of the second order contradiction is "relative movement" and "relative stationary" In laymans terms, this means "walking" and "stopping", with prices sometimes in a directional trend, and sometimes in the finishing of the direction of choice; therefore, in the "walking" stage, we Take the operation strategy of following the trend; in the "stop" stage, we take the big channel among the high sell low hold again, only the price movement of the rise and fall contradiction really good traders on the rise and fall of the judgment is based on a deeper type of background, in the "orderly ""go go" two-level background, generally based on the previous direction; when the two levels of the market type in time signals and type conversion signals in turn, we are ready to start adjusting the basic strategy of operation so that most of the time the price movement of the rise and fall judgment is based only on "by the rules" of history, rather than subjective forecasts, it is actually the least effort in the whole process of market research and judgment of the market research is for the strategy selection and conversion services, its main content is - the market type of discrimination, extremely type conversion, conversion The identification of interval signals and momentum signals again, subjective prediction of the top and bottom and even up and down and by the operation of the transaction is a gambler! I talk about two facts: 1, subjective prediction of ups and downs is the vast majority of people based on a gambling instinct; 2, in the financial markets, the vast majority of people are also losers; overcome gambling, and thus really from the gambler sublimated to speculators, which is required from the depth of thinking to start, from the decisive action to start the implementation of learn to classify the market, to identify the market extreme phase, which serves your various different strategies, and then to patiently and rigorously trade. And then to patiently and rigorously trade! Speculation, not gambling! Speculation, not gambling, is only for the implementation of appropriate trading strategies, layout of the war do not make the most complicated the most simple things in the "market research" "money management" and "mental strategy" Among the three modules, market research is the simplest do not put the cart before the horse speculation is seeking a high probability of winning, or even risk-free profit (such as hedging operations) speculators open positions should meet two points: the rate of victory and risk, rather than the rate of return and risk We pursue the rate of return, but not at the time of opening the position, the speculators rate of return is in the subsequent operation after the opening of the position using the effective use of capital management to pursue I advocate the clean opening of positions - that is, only consider the rate of victory and risk without considering the possible rate of return Many traders have expectations or plans for profits when opening positions, but our operational practice most of the time to verify the inappropriateness of this idea repeatedly failed to achieve the goal of the impact on the mentality is very large, so I open positions in a relatively simple condition, the margin of victory With the risk in short, I do not advocate in the trading plan and the process of top and bottom thinking exists in the mind of the operator Author: chicken country exchange guest