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Foreign exchange non-farm trading experience skills to talk about this method stable money

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today specifically about a method of non-farm, the previous has said a related topic, specific details can be found forexcashrebate the past "light about the operation of non-farm" article 1, 8: 30 out of the data before 2 minutes (preferably a minute in advance) to place a cashbackforexexness, according to the then Governor Ting forex forexrebates system cashback forex term Tip signal into the market, gold set a good stop loss of about $ 6, to th Forex rebate for Exness month, for example, in advance of the signal to do more Throughout recent months of non-farm payrolls, if the data out after the single, undesirable, easy to chase in the high and set, this is still affected by the sky chart large level down, so the short term upside space is ForexrebateforExness much, only in advance of the single, the party can profit 2, out of the data before the direction, the market has basically reflected, that help international financial group Definitely know the data situation in advance, only we do not know it, the system only reflects the long or short situation at the time, only short term trading 3, if two directions to hang a single, meet both sides of the fight, easy to both sides of the single sweep loss, undesirable, especially like the recent fluctuations are too small, the probability is very high 4, non-farm payroll is a violent operation, and only once a month, easy to challenge peoples mindset, not very advocate, the focus is still The usual trading opportunities on the next recent trading opportunities and insights 1, the actual demand for gold is not invigorated heavy pressure to the low: the whole week basically ended with the lowest level, according to the Governors forex trading system, operable signal: 8, 10 and 11 short single 8 encountered network problems can not participate, this day back to the smallest, the remaining two days of the plate is easy to change, the need for precise entry, the basic short term, but the intraday reversal The only benefit, is again to give the opportunity to empty 2, crude oil oversupply, the overall has fallen: this week crude oil can be operated signal in addition to the 12th daytime short more, basically the same as the above gold trading days, but the 11th is very special, the day fell 140 points after the recent new low, the night rebounded more than 200 points, if the white sky single did not go, the night is busy for nothing, there is a principle is that when the profit single, try to Do not become a loss single, the day if there is a profit, continue to trade later, in order to preserve profits, even if the small earnings mentality, always stronger than the mood of the loss 3, the best reference when trading two platforms: to the system, for example, different platform companies are affected by the opening time and different customer data, easy to cause the system data deviation, so when two platforms are eligible for trading, the effectiveness will improve, the principle of We should be able to understand 4, all levels really do homeopathic: here is a preliminary talk about the precise buy point in the entry, when the large level meets, look back to the sub-level, if the homeopathic with, or wait for the sub-level rebound finished with, a large trend reversal, must be through the large level reaction, otherwise the small level is bound to flow back to the large level if you are unfortunate to follow the highest or lowest point in the sub-level, admitted, the general large level will continue The trend, at least the opportunity to let you out of the 4th point is a lot of technical enthusiasts must face the problem, its importance is sometimes no less important than the direction, because when you enter the position is not good and the reversal, sometimes easy to hit the loss and affect the single mentality, of course, in the absence of the correct direction of the premise, then the precise point of purchase, is also meaningless