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Foreign exchange novices must learn the seven major foreign exchange investment skills

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For ForexrebateforExnessvestment in foreign cashback forex, the more prepared you are, the greater the possibility of success when investing in foreign exchange Today, we will share with you the seven major investment foreign exchange skills must learn  Assuming that investors strictly adhere to the principles of buying forexrebates selling transactions, I am convinced that you will be able to profit in the foreign exchange Forex rebate for Exness The reason cashbackforexexness that the financial market is a highly disciplined professional field, the market theory and information analysis can be slowly learned and practiced. Market theory and information analysis can slowly learn and practice, in making transactions more than one point of caution, adhere to the principles will be more than one point of chance to win so comply with the principles of buying and selling to run a predetermined trading plan, is an indispensable part of the foreign exchange trading. First, the situation is forexcashrebate clear to take a wait-and-see: before deciding to buy or sell foreign exchange, must maintain an optimistic view of the market, must have sufficient investment information, market Second, do not go against the trend: the proverb says: "with the trend of life, against the trend of death" is justified in the foreign exchange market can be changed to "with the trend of earn, against the trend of loss" is also justified we have to cautiously observe the market, coupled with objective basic analysis, supplemented by the historical trajectory of technical analysis, you can enter with the trend Third, do not lose a lot because of small: want to do before and after we enter should be predetermined Buy or sell price, profit and stop-loss points but this is only a forecast, do not be too bound to a particular price as long as the deviation in price is not far from the original target price set, should follow the trend to make the final decision to buy and sell  Fourth, the safety stop-loss considerations: save investment strength, reduce the potential losses incurred when buying and selling mistakes stop-loss single role in the entry after the danger can help investors as soon as possible Of course, stop-loss orders can not be set at random, but as long as there is clear information before entry to prepare to assist, and in accordance with the principles of the order, you can reduce the unanticipated losses Five, profits may be allowed to grow: many investors often only stop-loss, but do not know how to keep the profits allowed to grow the art of the market, although variable, if there are already profits in hand as long as you wait patiently for the target price, supplemented by stop-loss orders of Sixth, the entry error should not be kept for a long time: the market trend such as a reversal and the established plan is different, it should believe the facts because the foreign exchange market is global, many participants, any unexpected situation may occur do not subjectively for their own excuses, do not admit defeat is the market soldier taboo if the entry found that the market reversal, not only do not admit If you find that the market has reversed after entering, not only do you not admit failure, but you try to get it back by adding more code, again and again, the more you add code up, the bigger the hole may be, resulting in greater losses. Seventh, investment in foreign exchange when the news occurs or is expected to occur, once confirmed quickly leave the market: this method is not seeking technical, investors just use the market in advance expected psychology into the market, wait until the news is confirmed will close the parts out of the market, however, the foreign exchange market is a typical expected psychological market. Usually investors will expect higher and higher, then follow the psychology of expectations to do transactions, when the expectations are confirmed, the original long or short positions will mostly close out of the market, this market behavior makes the economic principles can not effectively predict the exchange rate trend 
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