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First of all, I will say that I will ForexrebateforExness provide the right way to make money, th Forex rebate for Exness is the rules of the forexcashrebatedustry I will talk about the misconceptions of amateur players 1, on their own daily, weekly or monthly requirements to earn how many points explained: cashback forex is ridiculous, the result is that the market balance when forced to do a single, in the shock to death, as in the casino before the opening of the bet, forexrebates the opening of the disk is indeed random, the result is caught in the The cycle of gambling 2, mentality determines victory or defeat explanation: this is more ridiculous, cashbackforexexness make money and mentality does not have any relationship! If you are Yellen, there is still a need to compare mindset? 3, foreign exchange is a profitable industry, can definitely get rich Explanation: If you have done mathematical simulation, your win rate of more than 80%, each with 5% of the funds, the last as likely to explode! If the win rate is only 60%, each pen with 5% of the funds guaranteed to blow up! So Soros only in the case of super probability (comprehensive analysis from technical to fundamental and even research countries decision-making level) will do a single! This is why they do not just open the market! Tell everyone, think big money can do a few times a year dozens of times, are hearsay 4, foreign exchange graph is a regular explanation: the graph is definitely a rule! But change is the main theme and no matter how to go, are walking graphics, only the finished graphics, to qualify what graphics! Did not finish the graph are unknown! The first priority of amateur players is to summarize! Summarize constantly! Discipline can let yourself die slowly, but the discipline you set for yourself also to keep progressing, discipline is not dead! There is a science to discipline! Discipline in the professional field is definitely not one or two, can not say too much, wish you slow to lose money in fact, foreign exchange investment is divided into several parts of the content, amateurs better first understand the mathematical model of speculation, this mathematical model and make money has nothing to do with, is a mathematical proof, understand this proof, know the loss doubled position, and stop loss is half of the stop loss on the line what and so on the idea is invalid. At the same time also know the win rate and leverage and position, stop-loss stop-loss relationship know these what is the use? First of all, you do foreign exchange is not a one-shot deal, necessarily long-term trading in this market, then the more transactions, the more in line with the mathematical model, so for those who have tens of times the profits in the short term, absolutely no necessarily replicable, because the mathematical model proves this, so those who try to learn to trade like those profiteers and want to copy, equivalent to take good luck as the goal, trading volume a, there is no luck So, to understand these, you know, how to control the volume of transactions in the market trading, control the position, the correct set of stop-loss stop-loss and so on to understand the above things, can only say that you can avoid making some inevitable failure, can not represent you can make money Author: laoxiang999
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