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Foreign exchange small capital to do a single of several methods

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recently the Forex rebate for Exness forexcashrebate forexrebates know whether you are concerned about the market, there are also more than 100 po ForexrebateforExnessts of fluctuations per day, grasp the profit cashbackforexexness also very considerable capital is certainly a good thing, then small capital is also their own do single good method   first, firm their own investment principles   1, survival first, development second   2, only do intra-day short term 3, operate no more than 5 times a day, the daily profit exceeds the target they set after trying not to do a single 4, only do 1 variety per day Second, find yourself a few guiding ideas 1, establish the idea of opportunity every day, wait patiently, wait for the rabbit 2, establish the idea of a protracted war, overcome the rush to win the impatient mood 3, establish the concept of not losing cashback forex win, the reasonable use of stop loss 4, establish the concept of bagging for peace, the appropriate time to turn the floating surplus into real profit Third, the use of a set of fixed profit tactics 1, find a mean you are most familiar with as a guide, grasp the intra-day direction 2, only one trading direction, above your mean Only do more, under your averages only do short 3, find your most profitable time period every day, try to give full play to their advantages in this time period 4, daily summary of experience to constantly improve your warfare market above there are always two voices, one tells you that the market will fall; the other is telling you that the market will rise no day in the market will be unified bullish or bearish because then, there is only one kind of people on the market, all making money or all losing money, so that does not meet the laws of the market so foreign exchange after the single, do not think about the market how others comment on the rise and fall of the market, because that direction of the different comments will shake your single basis, will make you do not know whether to continue to hold positions or leave the field before it is too late perhaps see and their own comments, then it Will feel very confident, will certainly make a lot of money, but the direction is not consistent, feel particularly nervous, perhaps in such a nervous state of mind to make the wrong judgment and decision! Foreign exchange alliance that real investors in the capture of trading signals, they do not bother about the changes in the market, strictly in accordance with their own trading plan to complete this transaction
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