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Foreign exchange technical analysis of the second the theoretical basis of technical analysis

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1, cashbackforexexness behavior forexrebatesclusive digestion of all technical analysts believe cashback forex any factors that can affect the financial investment market basic, political, psychological or any other aspects ForexrebateforExness reflected in its price, forexcashrebate before people do not know the reason began to change by inference, investors must do Forex rebate for Exness to study the price change of this premise The substantive meaning is that price changes must reflect the relationship between supply and demand if demand is greater than supply, prices are bound to rise; if supply is too much demand, prices are bound to fall supply and demand law is the starting point of all economic forecasting methods, reverse it, then as long as prices rise, regardless of what specific reasons, demand must be more than supply, from the economic basis must be bullish; if prices fall, from the economic basis must be bullish In the final analysis, technical analysts are only indirectly studying the fundamentals through price changes The charts in technical analysis do not themselves cause the market to rise or fall, but simply show the prevailing optimism or pessimism in the market The chartists in technical analysis usually ignore the reasons for the rise and fall of prices, and in the early stages of price trend formation or when the market is at a critical turning point, there is often no Technical analysts are often unique in their understanding of why the market moves the way it does, so as investors become more experienced in the market, the more they encounter such situations, the more irresistible the phrase "market behavior embraces and digests everything" becomes Technical analysts of course know that there must be reasons for the market to rise and fall, but they believe that these reasons are irrelevant to technical analysis Technical analysts are only through the study of price charts and a large number of auxiliary technical indicators, so that the market itself to reveal its most likely trend, and not the analyst with his shrewdness to conquer the market 2, prices evolve in a trend way trend concept is the core of technical analysis research price chart is the whole point of the development of a trend in the early, timely and accurate to reveal it, so as to achieve the purpose of trading with the In fact, technical analysis in essence is to follow the trend, to determine and follow the established trend for the purpose of price evolution in a trend can be naturally inferred from a trend for an established trend, the next step is often along the existing trend direction to continue to evolve, the possibility of reversal is much smaller can also be put differently: the current trend will continue until the reversal, which is of course The application of Newtons law of inertia 3, history repeats itself Technical analysis and market behavior and human psychology are inextricably linked to price patterns, for example, they are expressed through the shape of some specific price charts, and these graphics indicate that people are bullish or bearish psychology of a market These graphics have been widely known in the past few hundred years, since they worked well in the past, it is worth thinking that they are in the Because they are based on human psychology, and human psychology is never easy to change, history repeats itself and means that the key to open the door to the future is hidden in history, or that the future is a replica of the past
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