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Foreign exchange trading experience sharing why you will miss the buy and sell signals

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Peoples psychological changes are very wonderful, young when the newborn calf forexcashrebate forexrebates afraid of the tiger dare to think Forex rebate for Exness cashback forex, repeatedly do wrong and experience more will be a snake bite, ten years afraid of the well rope become cautious in everything, everywhere careful, miss good opportunities forex trading process, this process from not afraid of the tiger to the fear of the well rope came faster in the face of the daily ups and downs of the ForexrebateforExness, large and small different trading opportunities, each investor is trying to as much as possible Capture every trading opportunity, but the result is often a brush with the market, either miss a good opportunity to buy, or miss a good opportunity to sell, forming a huge gap, have to let people lament the creation of people then for a foreign exchange investor, how to grasp the market buy and sell signals is crucial we cashbackforexexness not help but think: for a new investor, we should actually how to do, in order to avoid this situation? I think we can consider these aspects from the method, human nature, philosophy, so that even if we can not guarantee that we catch every buy and sell signals, but at least you can guarantee that you will not miss the key buy and sell signals about the method: the method mainly includes rules and discipline, in the extremely free foreign exchange market, only the rules can tell you what you can do and what not to do, discipline can guarantee the firm implementation of, for example, you are a technical trader. is a technical trader, using the Granville investment method, then you must strictly in accordance with the rules of the Granville trading method to trade like the Granville investment method mentioned: when the moving average from downward running gradually turn to horizontal running, and the average to the upper head, and the exchange rate is also from the moving average under the direction of the upper breakthrough, as a buy signal you have to resolutely implement, do not hesitate to Doubt his accuracy of the so-called easy to know and difficult to do, when the stop loss after 3 times, the fourth this signal, you will be firm entry? As said above, the entry may also stop loss, then how do we do it? We can manage through some other methods, such as money management: when Granville investment method of buying signals, and not very sure of the market, you can control the position through money management, so that even if there is a mistake, it will not cause significant losses, but also not to miss the opportunity method of each person is different, but can not be separated from a disciplined implementation, so as not to miss a good buy and sell Signal also only follow the rules, stable profits can be expected, otherwise, profit is accidental, loss is inevitable about human nature: all the laws, starting with human nature greed and fear is like a pendulum swinging back and forth greed for not knowing enough, can not be timely bag for peace, often will flourish and decline, turn victory for loss, profit and loss reversal and when fear prevails our psychology, often will be tied up, slow action good timing The moment is fleeting, once you miss it, it will never come again, courage is always the key to seize the market fear as opposed to greed, it is the enemy of the missed market as a starter, the heart of winning can only have the possibility of winning, and fear, it is a slim victory, long-term bungling in the road of investment you need to have strong endurance and decisiveness, as the saying goes: small intolerance is the chaos of a big plan, when the break, the opposite of its chaos in the face of The market temptation, only a good grasp of human weaknesses, in order not to sell the wrong or miss the buy point about philosophy: the so-called investment philosophy is that you need to have faith faith, is the interpretation of the trading world, is derived from the understanding of the market, is the shield of our thoughts, is the idea that we will not waver, is the stabilizer that we are protected from the influence of market emotional agitation for example: Soross investment philosophy is fallibility and reflexivity investment philosophy is not For example, the market trend running principle, the market is always running in the way of the trend, the large market trend once formed, it will last a long time, deepen the understanding of it, the party can be deeply implanted in the mind, become investment philosophy and beliefs trading as life, some people would rather miss than do wrong, because the fear of doing wrong and miss a good opportunity, a lifetime will not be outstanding samurai have a sword In the hand, once there is an opportunity to kill the enemy, we must strike thunderously, dare to light up the sword!
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