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Foreign exchange trading risk management myths

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We will be cashbackforexexness whatever kind of investment r Forex rebate for Exnessk, in fact, forexcashrebate the size of the ForexrebateforExness, but how we go to manage the risk in foreign exchange cashback forex is the same, as there is no small risk, if we effectively manage or control the risk then we will be the winner of the market, the following I take you to look at the foreign exchange trading risk management some Misconception 1, misconception, foreign exchange trading in the forexrebates of 10 times the profit 1 can earn back in fact, the win is more than the win rate to offset the less loss process, this is not noted by most people perhaps, indeed sometimes the loss of 10 times the profit 1 can earn back, but professional speculation is not so 2, misconception, opening a position is not important, closing a position is the key to determine a transaction win or loss on the surface this is established But a transaction, if the timing or price of the opening of the wrong position, even if you have the skills to close the position, how can you expect it to finally profit! In fact, people who have stepped into this misconception have a theoretical way to win in the end: add dead code, no stop loss, until profit, however, this method to have a premise: you have enough money to continue to add code, the market also allows you to keep adding but may be?  3, the misconception that the stop loss in a good place, backed by the support resistance can open positions against the trend should be said, if well controlled, this is not a very bad method, at least better than blindly chasing up and down but this method of win-loss ratio is not attractive, and requires the operator to have a wealth of experience and skillful cooperation you have?  4, the misconception that risk management is the core of foreign exchange trading, trading skills, either that there is no secret, or ignore its importance, and most people tend to know nothing about trading skills, or have been using the wrong trading method and do not know in fact, risk management is the auxiliary, trading method is the core trading method is to decide to make money or not, risk management is not profitable, it is used to control Risk of the hope of making money on the risk management can not make money, is simply a fish out of water imagine, you open a software company, is the programmer to help you make money, or accounting to help you make money?  5, mistakenly think that there is a stop loss is safe little do you know, unreasonable stop-loss settings or bad entry points can lead to frequent stop losses, which is fatal enough 6, mistakenly think that stop losses are harmful because losses come from after the stop loss In fact, most peoples stop losses, is caused by unreasonable stop-loss settings or bad entry points for masters, if not an unexpected situation, the actual implementation of Stop loss is not common and the market will always have unexpected times, if you think that stop loss is harmful and do not set a stop loss or often do not implement, even if you escape 99 times, there will always be a time you have to be swept away by the market The above we have introduced you to the 6 misconceptions, I hope you in the process of foreign exchange trading strict control must pay attention to the above problems, here we wish you good luck in the process of trading
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