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Foreign trade balance figures (TB)

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  1, the meaning of ForexrebateforExness forexcashrebate cashback forex figures (TradeBalanceFigure) reflects the commodity trade situation between countries, is an important indicator to judge the macroeconomic performance, but also one of the important indicators of the basic analysis of foreign forexrebates transactions If a Forex rebate for Exness total imports are greater than exports, then there will be a trade deficit If exports are greater than imports, it is called a trade surplus; if exports are equal to imports, it is called a trade balance U.S. trade figures are published once a month, and the previous months figures are published at the end of each month, and China also publishes import and export figures at least quarterly 2, how to interpret the indicator? If a country often has a trade deficit phenomenon, national income will flow out of foreign countries, so that the countrys economic performance turned weak government to improve the situation, it is necessary to devalue the countrys cashbackforexexness, because the value of the currency decline, that is, in disguise to lower the price of export goods, can improve the competitiveness of export products Therefore, when the countrys foreign trade deficit widened, it will be a negative countrys currency, so that the countrys currency fell; conversely, when Therefore, the international trade situation is a very important factor affecting the foreign exchange rate The trade friction between Japan and the United States fully illustrates this point The U.S. trade deficit with Japan for years, resulting in the deterioration of the U.S. trade balance In order to limit Japans trade surplus with the United States, the U.S. government exerted pressure on Japan to force the yen to appreciate, while the Japanese government is doing everything possible to prevent the yen from appreciating To maintain a more favorable trade situation by a countrys foreign trade situation and the impact on the exchange rate, it can be seen that the balance of payments directly affects the movement of a countrys exchange rate if a countrys balance of payments surplus, the demand for the countrys currency will increase, the flow of foreign exchange to the country will increase, resulting in the rise of the countrys currency exchange rate, on the contrary, if a countrys balance of payments deficit, the demand for the countrys currency will On the contrary, if a country has a deficit in the balance of payments, the demand for the countrys currency will decrease, and the foreign exchange flow to the country will decrease, which leads to a decline in the countrys currency exchange rate and a depreciation of the countrys currency. On the contrary, Japan due to the huge trade surplus, the balance of payments is better, the yens foreign exchange rate is rising trend Similarly, the surplus or deficit of the capital account directly affects the rise or fall of the currency exchange rate, when a country has a large deficit in the capital account, the balance of payments of other items are not enough to make up, the countrys balance of payments will appear deficit, thus causing the foreign exchange rate of the national currency to fall and vice versa, it will cause an increase in the exchange rate of the national currency
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