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Forex EA development process Introduction

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forexrebatesexcashrebate cashbackforexexness forex intelligent trading software development Forex rebate for Exness a complex process that requires the cooperation of analysts and programmers, analysts are responsible for summarizing the market, programmers are responsible for transferring the summary into code to carry the software, after the completion of the ForexrebateforExness to go through countless times to review the test will be trading strategies into the forex EA intelligent trading software program language the biggest trouble is quantify the conditions of these morphological terms, and each friend for these conditions are actually subjective way to perceive, a single reversal with a long lower shadow of the  K bar is to how long to have the significance of the reversal, the focus is on each trader has their own subjective views after the completion of the need to give the forex EA to the tester test, by the tester to judge this indicator Shape logo logic is in cashback forex with his expectations, if not to achieve gains need to provide very detailed conditions  different currency pairs, different indicators need to be developed one by one, which is the most troublesome part of the development of foreign exchange EA intelligent trading software, draw the trend line location are different, said the concept of trend line, itself with a different logic of taking points to judge, because the trend line is the two points connected The line, take the point of the logic of the difference caused by the location of the drawn line is different for the term, including the simplest retracement (pull-back), are required for each of the basic terms for the definition of quantitative conditions before being able to forex EA programming, but such a quantitative process for the vast majority of friends is unable to write such careful quantitative conditions, but if the programmer to write such a Conditions, the conditions defined usually with the commission programming friends expectations will also have a considerable discrepancy This time it is necessary to analysts and programmers to fully communicate, to reach a consensus is generally the use of the existing online form of identification indicators to see if it is acceptable, if it is acceptable to directly let the forex EA to call that indicator to make a judgment can be, the indicator does not have the source code forex EA can also call Success a successful long-term profitable forex EA forex intelligent trading software is the need for a lot of communication and time verification, verification function is the need for time to stack, polish, after countless revisions to formally promote the market
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