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Forex technical analysis primer

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The following content cashbackforexexness for newcomers to the Forex rebate for Exness forexcashrebate trading, I hope they can produce some help for their trading What is Forex technical analysis? It refers to the analysis of future ForexrebateforExness trends through historical cashback forex data forex technical analysis is basically based on the law of price changes have fluctuations, historical trends will also be repeated in the future time such a concept of Want to learn forex technical analysis, the first step is to learn to read the chart forex actual manipulation in the chart of many types, but basically much the same most basic graph is the yin forexrebates yang candlestick chart We take the following chart as an example: the bar indicates the A period of time, if you choose 30 minutes on the forex trading platform, then a bar represents 30 minutes of forex trading time If you choose a day, then it represents a day of trading time The negative bar (the black chart in the actual forex trading software there may be platforms that show solid bars of other colors) indicates a decline, which means that the closing price is lower than the opening price, the positive bar (another, relative ) indicates a rise, representing a closing price higher than the opening price The upper and lower sides of the bar are the opening and closing prices of the foreign exchange market during the time period, and the upper and lower vertical lines of the bar are the highest and lowest prices of the foreign exchange market during this time period By comparing the candlestick chart patterns, the main main ones are: you can analyze the reversal of the foreign exchange market, and determine the earliest point in a wave of rising foreign exchange market to turn down. This means that you can be the first to short to earn greater gains; the same reason a wave of foreign exchange down market, to determine the earliest rebound time, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to do more, to obtain greater gains Candlestick charts can also be used to study the continuation of the foreign exchange market, if these patterns are well mastered, you can better homeopathic trading, hold a favorable single will be more confident to maintain the state of foreign exchange positions, and even increase positions to expand foreign exchange earnings. The second step in learning technical analysis is to learn to see trends, to draw trend lines, resistance levels, support levels What is the concept of support levels? It refers to the existence of a large support level, foreign exchange down to this level, easy to stabilize the rebound; resistance level refers to what? It refers to the price level with greater pressure, the price of foreign exchange rose to this price level when the price of resistance is easy to meet the price of retreat support and resistance calculation method, the main trend line, can also be combined with other technical indicators, such as the golden mean, the average, Polygon channel and other indicators comprehensive judgment how to draw a trend line it? In the foreign exchange uptrend, the two rising lows in a straight line, which is the uptrend line in the foreign exchange downtrend, the two falling highs in a line, which is the downtrend line In order to ensure that this trend line in the foreign exchange market analysis has a high degree of accuracy, we also use other methods to verify and filter the trend line, remove the useless trend, retain the accurate and effective trend line