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How to Register With XM

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If you"re interested in investing or trading online, you may want to consider registering with XM. They"re one of the most popular brokerages in the industry and have many perks for their traders. You"ll have access to a MT5 platform and a range of payment methods. However, you need to follow a few simple steps to start trading with XM.

First, you"ll need to fill out a form to register with XM. This involves answering a few questions and providing your email address and telephone number. The next step is to select your payment method. Depending on your country, you might be required to deposit a minimum amount. For example, if you"re a customer from the UK, you"ll have to transfer $5 into your XM brokerage account.

Once you"ve filled out the form, you"ll receive an email from XM with your MT4 and MT5 IDs. You"ll need these details to access your members area and the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Also, if you"re opening an XM trading account, you"ll have to provide an identity verification. To do this, you"ll need a color copy of a valid passport or other official identification document.

Afterward, you"ll be able to select your account type. There are three different types of XM accounts: standard, micro and zero. Each of these offers a different range of benefits to traders. In addition, each of these has different pricing, contract sizes and base currencies. So, whether you"re looking for commission-free trading, a low spread or bonuses, XM has something for you.

Additionally, you"ll need to choose your preferred language. XM supports over twenty-two languages, so you won"t have any trouble choosing your preferred one. But, you can change this preference later. Alternatively, you can also select a language during the account opening process.

If you have any issues with the registration process, you can contact the XM multilingual support team. All XM customer support staff speaks your native language, so you won"t have to worry about a hysterical FAX.

Once you"ve completed the XM account registration, you"ll be able to access the XM broker portal within a few minutes. From there, you"ll be able to view your balance, withdraw funds, change your password, and more. Finally, you"ll have to confirm your email address.

XM has a wide array of features, including over 1000 financial instruments and a MT4 and MT5 trading platform. It is also a regulated broker, which means you"re backed by a company that is well-established in the industry. Moreover, you can opt for multiple accounts, which can help you better manage your finances. And, you can do it all through a single client portal.

XM is not available in Canada, Israel or Iran. While it is a well-regulated company, it is not available in certain countries. Moreover, the website is not encrypted, which can raise some concerns. Therefore, you should be aware of your local laws and regulations.

Besides, you should keep in mind that you have to make a fund withdrawal before deactivating your account. Similarly, you should be aware that you must first close any positions that you"ve opened before you can request a fund withdrawal.