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Forex trading how to judge the trend of the inflection point

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cashback forex trad forexcashrebateg how to judge the forexrebates of the inflection point in the process of forex trading, the trend of the judgment Forex rebate for Exness an important factor in determining the direction of the transaction but many investors are still difficult to grasp the method of judging the location of the inflection point which led to a certain degree of loss or is not very satisfied with the profit results in fact forex trading to judge the trend of the inflection point as long as you remember three points can be there are three kinds of deviation The first way to determine the inflection point of the trend, the latest forex trading down (up) cashbackforexexness ForexrebateforExness the last down (up) angle for comparison, the angle represents the speed, on behalf of the efficiency of the angle if there is a slowdown, it indicates that there is a divergence in the efficiency of this divergence is based on the maintenance of the original trend of the force of the reduction in efficiency, the original trend of internal forces occurred to maintain the original trend of change in the second way, The magnitude of the latest forex fall (rise) compared with the magnitude of the last fall (rise) magnitude represents the overall strength, effect, and endurance If the magnitude decreases, it indicates a divergence in the overall scale (strength), this divergence is due to a decrease in the endurance of the original trend to maintain, the overall strength is exhausted Third way, the angle and magnitude of the latest rebound (retracement) compared with the last forex If the angle and amplitude of the rebound (retracement) is the same, but the angle increases; or if the angle is equal, but the amplitude increases, or if both the amplitude and angle increase, it indicates an increase in counter-trend strength and the possibility of forming an inflection point, which can be acted upon after another fall or rise. The angle and magnitude of the decline (rise) but the anti-divergence can be predicted in advance and pay attention to the possible divergence of the forex trading trend is very important for the choice of investment direction, if the trend is selected correctly, then profit is certain, but if the choice is wrong then we will only wait for a loss for many investors who have just started to enter the foreign exchange market to accurately determine the inflection point is indeed a very difficult thing But also in the continuous foreign exchange trading slowly to figure out