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Forex trading how to read financial news efficiently

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Read f cashbackforexexnessancial forexrebates, Forex rebate for Exness the daily matter of every financial practitioner, habit, deep marrow, a day not read, the inner incomparable emptiness but the methodology about ForexrebateforExness financial news is very little, the following will introduce my method, share with you know first, use the leveraged reading method, pay attention to the 80/20 principle, the amount is not up, absorption is nonsense Imagine, you have not read a few news a day, talk about how Underst forexcashrebateing the use of news does not need to chew slowly, which is completely different from reading textbooks, the need for speed reading rather than intensive reading in addition to news, leveraged reading method also applies to reading business books, unlike textbooks and masterpieces, we read business books to ingest the authors latest insights to grasp business trends, so there is absolutely no need to deliberate a book, 80% of the key knowledge is also in 20% of the space someone read a Business bestsellers all take a month to flip around is still only the first few chapters of the beginning, I cashback forex only say, go upgrade the methodology, out of the reading of the stone age it Second, pay attention to the combination of different media, the angle of the report is different, the same time, after reading a few reports, the core content will jump on the paper This is closely related to the first because only the reading speed up, to read more news Imagine that Others need 5 minutes to read a news, and you only need 2 minutes, then the same time, you can read the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times are read, the high and low at the same time to focus on the example of the different dimensions of the news linked together the media in different countries is not the same perspective can distinguish the differences, the ability to think logically and critical thinking skills of individuals to enhance is a great improvement again, the To learn to take notes in the process of reading the news, distill the valuable knowledge points, record it down, day by day, this is your knowledge base and material library As for note-taking software, the famous Evernote needless to say, "Anelephantneverforgets", the elephant Microsofts Onenote is also free at the beginning of the year, you can consider the cross-platform synchronization, Evernote wins; functional, Onenote wins both have a lot to offer, right daily seemingly tedious records, knowledge base and material base in the slow abundance, someday in the future, you must use it last point, more applications to learn to use, input is for output Read the news must be combined with reading materials, pick up Mancuns economics or pick up Mishkins finance or pick up Roses corporate finance or pick up Bodies investment science, or self-abuse to move the CFA brick-thick textbook, you will find that those seemingly dry knowledge on the textbook, in the news of the living world, have jumped to the paper and this will inspire your inner little sense of accomplishment after a sense of achievement. This is a positive incentive that will eventually form a virtuous circle and take you into the broader world of finance. Wall Street Journal (the site is now in mainland China is not normal login, you can try to use a VPN to login, click here) Wall Street Journal, media mogul Murdochs News Corporations largest paid circulation of financial newspapers, the worlds first financial media, this should not be controversial whether the paper, or web version, as well as mobile devices app, the Wall Street Journal are doing a great job! The Wall Street Journals "What'sNews", equivalent to the main news, this column can help me understand todays important financial news, if time is not enough, this is a must-see, a quick preview of global financial events Of course, I still recommend that you spend more time to read the detailed reports Why? First, the Wall Street Journal for business news coverage has depth, not frivolous, have their own exclusive views Second, the original authentic English, can improve English reading and writing skills This is a world away from the authentic Chinglish on ChinaDaily, look at that stuff can only make your English level deteriorate Wall Street Journal sub" Opinion" "Business&Finance" "Life&Style" "Mansion ""MarketDataCenter" are the main sections, of which "Business&Finance" is the section I focus on, which is mostly for the global 500 In addition, "MarketDataCenter" is also the focus of attention, that is, the global financial market data, including the global stock market index, foreign exchange index, treasury bond quotes, commodity quotes and other core The data on the "MarketDataCenter" for mobile devices is updated in real time and is very powerful. In my opinion this is one of the core competencies of the Wall Street Journal, can 20 million subscribers are willing to pay for one of the reasons Financial Times (FT Chinese) Financial Times as the old British media, is the biggest competitor of the Wall Street Journal, article reporting style cold in the flow of elegance before the Financial Times dared to quit AppleAppStore (dissatisfied with Apples 30% draw and rigid payment system), self-sustaining WebApp and independent fee system, see the FTs confidence: without you Apple, I will live better Financial Times advantage is that the Chinese version to do more close to the Chinese national conditions, there are some local economists contribute to the Financial Times home page highlights is a must-see second "Economy" and "Financial Markets" are the two columns I must read. "Economy" can cultivate a good sense and sensitivity to the Chinese economy and the global economy. "Financial Markets" brings the latest developments in the global stock and bond markets FTs bilingual news is very good, you can see that the FT in localization is a great effort of bilingual news has two major advantages: one is that you can remove the right side of the ads, the second is to insist on reading 10 articles a day to absolutely develop a sense of language you will find that the authentic English is how to So you can see that there is no overlap in the content of the four columns of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, which complement each other.
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