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Forex Trading Knowledge of Currency Correlations 5 - Familiarize yourself with changes in currency correlations

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Forex markets are ps cashback forexchop cashbackforexexnesshs suffering from bipolar d forexrebatesorder, eating chocolate from time to time, extreme excitement, mood swings all day long We are not exaggerating In a matter of days, weeks, months, or even years, the Forex rebate for Exnesss between ForexrebateforExness pairs can be strong or weak They change forexcashrebate will change when you least expect it You find this month a stronger correlation the next month may be completely different Look at Table 1 and compare the correlation coefficients of given currency pairs over different time periods. In most cases (thank you, USD/JPY) they are completely different and they change in all directions depending on the time period This tells us that correlations do change and more frequently they can change significantly in a shorter time period, this is more evident in the EUR/USD 1 month and 3 month correlation coefficients Thats a huge change! As currency market sentiment moves frequently, make sure you notice the currency correlation For example, the correlation coefficient between USD/JPY and USD/CHF over a one week period is 0.22 This is a fairly low correlation coefficient, indicating little correlation between the two pairs However, if we look at the data over the same period at 3 months we see that the coefficient rises to 0.52, at 6 months it rises to 0.78 and at one year The final value is 0.74 In this example you can see that the long term correlation between these two currency pairs has cracked the once strong positive correlation keeps weakening in the long term and the short term link is weak if they were real couples and only had one date a month or so, then they would think they were not a good fit for each other what they dont know is that the passion will heat up later if you look at EUR/USD and GBP/USD, this example What is reflected is the degree of change in the currency pairs correlation At one week, the correlation is strong, with a correlation coefficient of 0.94!…… but this relationship deteriorates severely during the one-month period, dropping to 0.13, rising again to a solid 0.83 at 3 months, and deteriorating again to a weaker level at 6 months The 1-year correlation coefficient between them is -0.69 This is somewhere between moderate and strong But if you see their 1 month correlation, the correlation coefficient basically reverses completely! So, beware of correlation changes for many reasons, including interest rate changes in a country, monetary policy changes, or any political or economic event that affects the sentiment of currency traders
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