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Forex trading real steady profit

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The most frustrating part of forexcashrebate Forex rebate for Exness undoubtedly the cashback forex, but you know you can forexrebates avoid it unless you exit the market. But there are many loss orders are trading mistakes that lead to, for this part through learning is completely avoidable, today to list so many years you trading experience mistakes misc ForexrebateforExnessceptions 1: thinking too much solution: stop thinking too much, trading like a fool when you go through countless times of review, to determine your trading strategy after countless times of stop loss can still be profitable, then, do not doubt, stick to your The method of making everything simple until the day you find that your program has not adapted to the new market situation cashbackforexexness then make changes Myth 2: Frequent Trading Solution: You just know that you do not need to profit by frequent trading Frequent trading is definitely used for short-period charts and requires more resolute execution of the trading plan, especially the stop loss. A long time on the human physiological and psychological are not a small test, unless you take foreign exchange as gambling and enjoy it Myth 3: Risk too much Solution: Before trading first know how much loss you can accept any time more than your psychological ability to risk is a death sentence, you must be honest with yourself, the more times you risk trading, you feel that foreign exchange is the number of times you survive The more misconception 4: thinking too much about money before knowing how to trade Solution: forget about money, focus on trading is like a child who is learning to play ball, dreaming every day that he can become a superstar and begin to squander his life, if you dream every day to become a trading great day in and day out without focusing on learning and developing a sense of plate, then you are not destined to succeed misconception 5: light positions, stop loss Solution. According to your trading strategy to develop, completely different from person to person some people say light position stop loss is not what everyone has been emphasizing, how is this also a misconception? In fact, this is based on each persons trading strategy to develop. For example: someone each time the stop loss is about 10 points, through the review of the maximum continuous loss of up to 5 times, that is, this person only need to withstand the maximum 50 points of retracement, then I think this program 1000 dollars under 1 hand is no problem, if the position is not heavy simply can not make money. Some conservative people 10,000 dollars each time 0.1 lot, I think it does not stop loss completely okay, in the history of the shock market has the opportunity to return to the whole body. The only thing is that the position is too light, then it loses the meaning of margin for a small margin. The same reasoning, counter-trend positions are not completely without access to place, the focus on money management misconception 6: chasing the market after missing the entry signal solution: waiting for the next entry opportunity The downside of doing so is that the entry point is poor, the profit margin is small, the stop loss becomes large, so, rather not do, not to do wrong misconception 7: not confident solution: learn to trust your instincts, and rely on trading strategies after several consecutive losses. and rely on trading strategies after several consecutive losses are you prone to doubt their own emotions and become extremely unconfident? People are emotional, so emotional you need to find a rely on to fight the cold market, that is, the trading plan and strategy, which you have to go through countless times before trading to confirm things, when you have continuous losses began to doubt life, please rely on your system. Also need to be reminded that the trading system plus the appropriate intuition (that is, disk sense) to be more with Oh misconception 8: too much attention to news and trading data solutions: directly ignore the news is only a catalyst for trading behavior, and will not change the trend misconception 9: their own search for trading solutions: wait patiently and let the transaction come to you why you can not control the handicap, the development of Trading plan why not implement, easily click the mouse on the real money to the market with the flow? Remember you are an adult, is to do aspire to become a professional trader, is ready to make a fortune by foreign exchange to the top of life, simple discipline can not comply with the other also talk about a fart   misconception 10: there is always a sense of urgency trading solution: the market does not rest, the opportunity is not only because of fear of missing the opportunity to lose the opportunity to make money? Come on, there are many opportunities to make money, thats just an excuse for you to use foreign exchange as gambling Myth 11: not after a good internship before the real deal Solution: Invest in yourself, how can you invest in trading training on the battlefield without the right weapons? Do all the worst before the actual plate, improve the strategy, develop a sense of plate, it is best to simulate the capital to do more than 10 times and ensure the arc of the capital curve before the actual plate
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