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Fundamentals are the devil or an angel

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The Bible cloud: the Lord admon Forex rebate for Exnesshed the believers, ‘ when others h cashback forex you on the left face, you have to stretch your right face to him ’ my perception is too poor, no matter how can forexcashrebate underst forexrebates the Lords teach cashbackforexexnessgs, so I do not believe in Christianity in the currency market, although sometimes inattentive also by the main force stink beaten, but can dodge when you can still try to dodge you will say: this is not a fee words! Who wants to be beaten? Dont worry, there is really no shortage of devout believers in our circle, of course, their religious name and Christianity has a small difference, called the basic religion, the name of the Lord is called the fundamental religion of the good men and women of the Lords devotion is really admirable, the Lord told them to the east they will never go west, the Lord said: the ball is square, they will say: all the balls see the angles; the Lord said: the briquette is white, they will echo: all The master told them to live, they are grateful, told them to die, they are righteous. Speaking of this basic religion, although I did not dare to join, but also pay attention to feel the bottom of them, and now I will reveal to you what I have found out first of all, their entry conditions and rules: 1. Can afford to buy newspapers, can afford to watch TV (can have a computer to watch foreign exchange information better), no such economic ability to thank the insiders 3. Murphys "Technical Analysis of Futures Markets" Hi! Its no wonder, which organization is not such high standards for members, strict requirements? Secondly, about their master: their master does not know is the devil, is immortal, only know ForexrebateforExness it is a vast, infinite magic body sometimes like a slut, while hooking up with the long side, while and short eyebrows, the members do not know who it really love sometimes like a female escort, who wants to use a little, because of the privacy of the master, the members are inconvenient to inquire, can only privately guess: the master today and who introduced? Sometimes it is like a baby, crying and crying and crying, causing the members of the church to coax and talk, not knowing what it really wants to express Sometimes it is like a drunk, loudly full of drunken talk, pointing east and then west, causing the members of the church to follow it running around, jumping up and down, like a group of headless flies. In fact, this is only the fault of the members of the practice of the law, if you have studied all kinds of information around the world, it will not be the fruit of the practice? And say the basic religion of the faithful: these members of the basic religion of loyalty that really through trials and tribulations, obsessed with unchanging although there are often some rebels, but the influence of this religion is very wide, even if the conditions of entry into the religion is very strict, from the religion is still a steady stream of these members in the master of the basic side of the careful cultivation and teaching, many people have been transformed, practicing a mastery of a figure of blind eyes, the chart is not read (or Do not understand), only look at the face of the godfather two is the bean face ear, whether it is Zhang San, Li Si, Wang Er Ma Zi, who said all right, is that they do not understand the brain three is not cover the mouth, regardless of the news from that, also regardless of the edge not edge, not half a day yelling there are aware of four is no fear of the courage, as long as the godfather has the order, regardless of what support, resistance what wave shape, cycle, full of positions to rush five is the iron shoulder, as long as the godfather does not In addition, a large number of them have a very good connotation, although and Christianity is not at all sticky side, but many of the teachings of the LORD or full compliance, when others hit their left face, they will put the right face also stretched this is not, a few days ago, the left face was just a copper hard slapped, not yet swollen, the right face in the past two days and received a heavy punch of soy, and may These kind-hearted members of the congregation in the beaten nose and swollen mouth also kept muttering: the godfather is not saying that soybeans should fall copper should rise? Although the authors words are a bit harsh, but I never want to insult who I just want to caution everyone, the fundamentals of this thing is a double-edged sword, empty words empty reason, more than justified if you go by it to do foreign exchange that may be into also Xiao He, defeat also Xiao He, sometimes it makes you die do not know how to die imagine, if look at the newspaper, listen to the news can speculate in stocks, do foreign exchange money, then there are people in the world to do other work? In fact, I to think that although the fundamentals of its believers often cheat, but for the technical analysis of people are extraordinarily gentle and considerate often in the very obvious technical reversal point on the fundamentals of quietly changed, that is really good rain know when the spring is happening; with the wind into the night, moist things silent gentlemen do not believe please see, last year, London aluminum weekly big five waves up, the fifth wave are out of 5 sub-waves when the price is hitting the upward channel The upper rail, at this time from the bottom of its big two waves a full 34 weeks, I clearly remember, at that time, technical analysis form, ratio, cycle that is undoubtedly big top, the fundamental side is up a sound but precisely at this time the LME on the aluminum market more * short intervention, followed by the tiger fund collapse liquidation, aluminum prices like mercury leaked LME copper is also the same, the weekly chart it from March last year to the start of this see 2036 High, clear five waves up, and from the previous peak of 1945 to 2036 is an important 34-week reversal cycle, at this time the technical school has felt that is the infinite scenery in the peak, but the fundamental aspects? Another inventory reduction, it is a supply gap, it is good news all over the place Hi, also strange! In that mountain of low buy slogans, the Middle East and the chaos tossed open, a time all the good are lonely, only oil prices smile, the fundamentals cast to the embrace of the technical school this is not, soybeans after two months of consolidation, out of the classic ascending triangle in the upper edge of the triangle was broken, which technical analysis book does not teach the past short ah, but why so many people are scrambling to throw ah throw? It is not that women and children know the fundamentals are not good, the spot downturn and so on in the blame also coincidentally, these two days and heard what Brazil beans do not sprout, the United States inventory and reduce the European cattle are not honest, do not take good care of the body, to get that kind of mad cow disease to! Once again, the fundamentals and its believers to reverse the face of perhaps you ask: Why do the fundamentals and technical aspects with such a tacit understanding of it? Im sorry, Im too inexperienced to understand the mystery, maybe everything has a number in the underworld