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How to choose a forex trading investment theory

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foreign exchange cashbackforexexness as a form of forexcashrebate cashback forex the dec forexrebatesion before the analysis ForexrebateforExness judgment is necessarily its top priority, analysis and judgment is based on certain theoretical research So for investors to choose an investment the Forex rebate for Exness Investment theory for forex traders is just a trading tool, and not anyone with the same investment theory will come up with the same Trading results of a set of investment theory, including the following aspects: whether there are clear trading signals; whether the risk can be effectively controlled; whether it is operational; whether it has the ability to profit; whether it is suitable for their own For most forex investors, the use of investment theory for trading and their own fumbling trading results are not very different, long-term profit is still within reach of investors will find in the The reason is that the investor does not really understand the investment theory, or the forex trading investment theory is not suitable for him, and the more critical factor may be that he simply does not have the ability to apply the investment theory. In order to profit from investment theory in forex trading, you must first understand the investment theory correctly, and your own trading ability The ability to use investment theory must be matched with the ability to use investment theory in two ways: how to survive the difficult times of the system; how to give full play to the advantages of the system For the trend following system, it does not require the number of profits than the number of losses, it only requires a small stop loss to find large profit opportunities, such a system requires the user to be ready to accept small losses, while for the short term In terms of investment theory, it is more focused on the pursuit of the number of wins than losses, it is the pursuit of accuracy so, forex trading investors in the choice of investment theory must be clear which system is suitable for them, do not blindly choose Short-term trading requires investors to pay close attention to the markets every move, fluctuations is the source of profit, in the transaction can not have any interference; and trend trading is the opposite, it is taboo to carefully stare at the plate, carefully In addition, forex trading using investment theory must maintain the appropriate flexibility of the same investment theory used by different people, trading results must be different investment theory has a relative mechanical (quotation zone), and the appropriate flexibility is like a lubricant, can make the machine run better. The lubricant is the ability to trade and adaptability Forex trading theory is only a formatted thing, in the specific trading process also requires investors to slowly digest and absorb their own choice of trading theory into their own way of thinking