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How to correctly use the information of foreign exchange information

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in the foreign exchange forexcashrebate for investors to cashback forex ForexrebateforExness Forex rebate for Exness cashbackforexexness can be divided into the following three kinds of institutions: (1) information providers (2) banks (3) professional institutions Although from the surface, they are all for investors to provide services, but because of their positioning is different from each other there are essential differences  (1) information providers to provide investors with foreign exchange Information providers, real-time financial information and market commentary as information providers, they should stand in an objective and impartial perspective to provide investors with immediate, accurate and comprehensive financial information which is related to the foreign exchange market views, commentary content only represents the views of different institutions on market trends, and does not represent the information providers views on the market information providers are only responsible for the source of information is true and reliable and not responsible for commentary content Whether accurate (for example: whether the euro can rise to the price predicted in the comments), so it is recommended that investors in the trading process to be objective, correct view of the market comments (2) banks to provide investors with foreign exchange trading platform and related services for banks, individual foreign exchange trading business belongs to the banks intermediate business, the bank in providing services to customers will not generate any risk but if the bank in the services provided to customers However, if banks add operational advice, trading guidance and other services to the services provided to customers, banks will likely face very large financial risks. If a bank provides a trading platform while also providing operational advice, it is like a casino telling its guests how to bet Therefore, investors are advised to look at the operational advice or trading guidance provided by banks objectively and carefully during the trading process (3) Professional institutions provide investors with objective, independent and professional investment services Professional institutions stand on an objective, impartial and independent position to provide investors with professional and accurate market Analysis of the customer is the institutions bread and butter, the interests of professional institutions and investors are highly consistent with the interests of the foreign exchange market, there are two kinds of money can be earned: (1) market - through trading to earn money from the market (2) services - through the provision of services to earn money from customers Although the above three institutions are to provide services for customers to obtain revenue, but from different market positioning and functions, investors should refer to the analysis of professional investment institutions
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