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How to develop a forex trading system

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How to develop a foreign exchange trading system? Foreign exchange trading system includes six categories: K-line, pattern, cashback forex (kinetic) indicators, price, time, risk control (profit Forex rebate for Exness forexcashrebate ratio) The first step: the use of graphical patterns and trend indicators to determine the direction of the cashbackforexexness, the market has three situations, respectively, upward trend, downward trend, range oscillation; the use of the Berlin ForexrebateforExnesslt and average indicators can be very considerable to see the current trend of the market, from the graphical pattern analysis can be cut into The approximate scope of the market is usually from the weekly chart, daily chart, four-hour chart, hourly chart gradually identified, that is, multiple time integrated judgment to small serve large step two: the use of K-line and kinetic energy indicators to identify the current market activity, whether with up or down momentum 1, the use of K-line combination (refer to the Japanese candlestick chart technology, this article omitted) to identify the direction of momentum or reversal signal 2, you can look at 5 minutes or 15 minutes when the root K-line Power 3, kinetic energy indicators I am used to using stochastic indicators, the use of stochastic indicators 5 minutes or 15 minutes to find entry points (Note: Remember that this method can only be used after perfecting the analysis of the first step) Step 3: Risk control is a vital part of margin forex trading, everyone should be based on their ability to withstand losses as a basis, while the expected profits how to consider whether to enter the market Trading 1, for example, 10,000,000 U.S. dollars account, according to the market analysis of the entry trade as long as the assumption of 80 points of stop loss, then into a standard lot, if the transaction fails to sweep the loss of 800 U.S. dollars, that is, a loss of 8% of your principal, safe trading should be trading loss control between 5-8% 2, after the planned loss, the expected target profit and risk cost comparison is cost-effective, also On the so-called profit-loss ratio reasonable profit-loss ratio to win more than 1.25, is a cost-effective transaction 3, how to determine their own loss level is safe and effective, stop loss how many points is relative rather than absolute should be based on the first step in the graphical pattern and trend indicators to predict the next evolution of the market to determine the loss level, such as the upper and lower edges of the channel, the edge of the integer, the graphical reversal pattern of high and low (not to be discussed in detail here) )
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