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How to develop a stop loss and firmly implement

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forexcashrebatevestment, speculation does ForexrebateforExness mean gambling cast means to seize, grasp, appropriate use, looking; machine refers to the opportunity, timing, the nature of the law of things a poker master almost gambling for a living, he told me the secret of successful survival: the first, if you hope to win, you must underst forexrebates the basic rules of playing cards; the second, when bad luck, only lose to one-third of the stake brought, immediately do not play I think The second of these Forex rebate for Exness the scope of this discussion: defining the minimum limit for losing money at the gambling table or the stop- cashback forex level for trading in the futures market. The worlds greatest traders have a useful and simple trading rule, the crocodile principle. If a crocodile bites your foot, it bites your foot and waits for you to struggle. If you try to free your foot with your arm, its mouth will bite both your foot and your arm. When you know youve made a mistake, get out of the market immediately! No more excuses, reasons or expectations, get out of the market!  In fact, whether it is the stock market, the foreign exchange market, gold trading, its trading skills are similar to the important significance of stop loss only a few people can fully understand, so a few people can make money in the futures market stop loss is like a sharp knife, it makes you bloody, but it can also make you live without injury; it can not expand your losses, so that you turn passive into active, constantly looking for new hot spots in the futures market to survive, sometimes Patience and confidence are needed to survive in the futures market, but patience and confidence do not mean fluke, and investors who do not know how to stop loss lose on fluke is the natural enemy of stop loss, and stop loss is the basic skill of the art of speculation. However, not only did he not accept the loss of 100,000 yuan, but he continued to establish a larger sell position at a higher price. He relied on the news of the reduction in the price of raw materials, and established a small position as a result, the news that natural rubber production will be reduced! Every step he took to save the situation further deteriorated the market this crocodile finally satiated his 100,000 yuan loss expanded to 800,000 yuan, simply because he did not comply with a basic principle The above talked so much about stop loss, all based on speculative operations, only for the stage of speculative operations real investment in the operation stage does not need stop loss The reason for talking so much The reason for talking so much about stop-loss is not to encourage people to actively speculate, but to address the reality of the futures market. Can they invest more than 10%? The answer is obvious!  Investment also has a stop-loss, but more often called stop-loss investment is different from the speculative stop-loss, speculative stop-loss only relative to price changes, investment stop-loss relative to changes in fundamentals investors claim that real investment never need stop-loss is not true because, including Warren Buffett such a big investor also stop-loss, where stop-loss? Stop loss when the company you are investing in loses its growth and the fundamentals deteriorate!  Talking about trends How many trends are there? Theoretically there are three (up, down and up). In fact, there are two kinds, one is to understand and one is not to understand! Operation is also two kinds; one is to enter the field, one is to exit sleep! Heard someone say: the current trend of the disk to go down (or unstable), should choose ‘ resistance ’ (this is the words of that country) strong accumulation of worry stock intervention... I want to say: you must ‘non-stop’ operation?  Driving with seat belts on, because we know the action of the car will cause what disaster? But we can not choke, do not go to drive so we put on the seat belt; hope to mitigate the risk of accidental losses trading, not to tell us to refuse to trade plus stop-loss point, can make us trade more smoothly!  Some people say: the essence and art of all trading lies in the stop-loss efforts! This statement is true as the longer the experience of trading; natural stop-loss settings will become more perfect, but of course, the prerequisite is that you have learned and developed the habit of hanging stop-loss in each transaction! Until you cant live without a stop loss, then you can drive on the road of trading without fear!  Stop loss, for many people is a series of sad and painful memories... But I believe that when you are in the market ‘ live ’ more than a year, the greatest pain is absolutely no hanging stop loss to you!  In general, futures trading, margin is a "high-risk, high-reward" market, most of the participants have this common sense, but often only indulge in considerable profits, for "potentially huge risks" but ignore us all know that the gecko in the face of life-threatening, will break its own tail in order to retreat from the whole body, many natural creatures have this admirable survival In the futures market, martyrs who are not afraid to die can be found, but those who have the spirit of a gecko and are willing to admit their mistakes and stop losses have become a rare animal in the market. The skill of setting a good stop-loss point is very high, and to actually implement it requires courage and determination that is different from ordinary people, but it is one of the indispensable elements to become a regular winner in the market. For example, if a person makes a trade, the maximum loss he is willing to accept is $500, and if unfortunately the loss of the position reaches $500, he must unconditionally admit the loss and exit the market. The advantage of this setting method is that it is simple and not easily affected by the triggering stop loss caused by technical settings; on the contrary, according to my On the contrary, according to our experience, because of the lack of technical significance of this stop-loss setting method, usually a greater chance of failure, but its real good or bad is different from person to person, according to each persons preference to decide whether to use Second, the price pattern stop-loss method This method is based on the Dow theory of various price patterns formed by the line of support or pressure, such as head and shoulders, rectangles, triangles, flags ... (The pattern is not the subject of this article, so do not elaborate) must emphasize that the setting of the stop-loss point should be set above the pressure (short sellers), below the support (do more), that is, more points, so as not to cause the extremes of the plate to touch 1.Reversal patterns: reversal patterns include head and shoulders (bottom), M-head (W bottom), triangles, rectangles, topology... 2. continuous pattern: continuous pattern for the price trend in the finishing, there is a little rest and then start the taste, is a good opportunity to enter, such as triangles, flags, rectangles, etc. 3. trend line: trend line is formed by the price trend in the two points can be, for example, the long trend is gradually padded by the low point even into the rise Trend line, the more times touched the greater the significance (trend line is not the subject of this article, so only a brief description), it can be seen as the support of the upward trend, so do more people can sell stop-loss point set in the rising trend line below the short trend is the opposite 4. gap: gap can be divided into general gap, breakthrough gap, escape gap and exhaustion gap, it can be seen as support or pressure (except for the general gap), so it can be set as a stop general principle: the operation is generally the highest principle of homeopathy (except box consolidation), assuming that a person determines that the price trend for the long trend, the stop-loss point can be set in the previous relative low, the opposite of the short support and pressure is often interpreted by many people as a single price point, in fact, support and pressure should be a price range rather than a single specific point, as to where the stop-loss point should be set in the range, the end depends on the price of In addition, the technical side to set the stop-loss point must be noted that the important support or pressure is often set by many people stop-loss place, so in setting the stop-loss, should avoid these places (such as more points), so as not to be triggered by the stop-loss ripple stock market, futures, foreign exchange, paper gold trading first sound trading strategy, which capital management (risk control) can be regarded as its core, and stop-loss can be the capital management of the capital management. And stop loss can be the soul of capital management, so it can be seen the importance of stop loss only to implement the trading strategy, strictly adhere to the stop loss, in order to always keep the green hills in the futures market, become a constant winner!
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