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How to do a good breakthrough trading (practical chapter)

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definition of F forexrebatesex rebate for Exness: price of support or pressure position of an immediate crossing, from the bottom up through the pressure line or point for the upper break, from the top down through the support line or point for the lower breakthrough practical meaning of the breakthrough: the price in a certain time frame, out of the original fixed range, changing the trend state of the current market, cashback forex has an effective backward running space need to have The following four conditions: (1) time: do intra-day trading, look at the 30-minute, 1-hour, 4-hour (daily chart) level of the K-line trend, to determine the volatility cycle (2) space: the current stage of the market volatility space to confirm, if cashbackforexexness confirmed forexcashrebate not define the breakthrough market (3) change: must have the conditions to change the current trend status of the market, if not, it ForexrebateforExness meaningless volatility or false breakthrough (4) Continuity: If the breakthrough continuity space is small, do not have the conditions to set a stop-loss take-profit, can not become a breakthrough in the practical sense of understanding the meaning of breakthrough: breakthrough support: support as the price down provides resistance, the price if you can cross the support line down, representing a very strong short-side forces, short-term can be turned to short ideas breakthrough pressure: pressure as the price rise blocking force, the price if you can cross the pressure line up On behalf of the long force is very strong, short-term can be turned into a long thinking breakthrough represents a change in the balance of market forces, while the pace of fluctuations will also change, an extraordinary breakthrough will be accompanied by a big market problems: breakthrough will inevitably bring us three problems: A. True or false: is it really a turn, or an adjustment B. With or without drawback: breakthrough is a go, or the occurrence of drawback action C. follow-up space: breakthrough space how big the environment: in the choice to wait and see or intervention at the moment, we look at the breakthrough occurred in the general environment is what only to understand clearly the current situation of the market in the general trend, in order to macro grasp the subsequent development of the breakthrough what are the possibilities of case one: has not been a breakthrough, a sudden breakthrough case two: the breakthrough has been able to continue, suddenly fold back Situation three: the original breakthrough does not continue after the breakthrough now breakthrough quickly open space breakthrough technical points (1) penetration: first, we need to confirm the strength of the breakthrough size (2) continuity: the distance and speed of the breakthrough from the support/pressure (3) reliability: if the market can not break out of the support/pressure area within 2-3 trading days, the reliability will be reduced breakthrough trading rules trading ideas to understand the basic breakthrough After the meaning, here we also need to grasp several breakthrough-related ideas: (1) all trends are derived from the breakthrough, but not all breakthroughs can develop into a trend (2) if we expect to be able to form a trend, after the breakthrough intervention, the goal is to obtain larger profits, otherwise, must be protected with a small stop loss and exit (3) the breakthrough of the volatility rhythm is the existence of inertia, be vigilant not to do a single against the trend (4) after the breakthrough intervention To pay attention to the late continuity and penetration, if you can not maintain to close the position in time before the breakthrough transaction next, we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of trading before and after the breakthrough in the breakthrough intervention, the advantages of: predictive space is larger, you can advance capital preservation, stop loss can be set smaller, once the right position is safer, can do long-term layout disadvantages are: easy to repeat, waiting time is uncertain, may be made into the opposite direction, causing unnecessary stop loss. The advantages are: high certainty, position can be slightly heavier, more short and medium-term operation, stop loss clear disadvantages are: profit space is reduced, fast in and fast out to keep an eye on the plate, once encountered a false breakthrough is difficult to preserve capital, chase or not to chase difficult to define about false breakthrough (1) definition: the price breakthrough support / pressure did not continue, in a short period of time fold back to the breakthrough before the range running state ( (2) meaning: the markets dominant force is weaker, or the reverse market forces to induce each other to make the wrong decision (3) Note: false breakthrough can only represent the strength and continuation of the breakthrough is not enough, but can never be used to confirm the market trend reversal (4) examples: refining the breakthrough signal (1) indicator status: has reached the criteria to suggest a turn, such as the formation of oversold, overbought state, or golden cross, dead cross (2) cycle state: meet the cycle of wave operation, or meet the criteria of adjustment wave, etc. (3) space measurement: the formation of a bottom or head, large cycle space to meet the fluctuation space (4) trading decisions: timing, location and people, that can be laid out in advance practical application (1) in continuous trend, when the breakthrough continuation and weakening, pay attention to protect profits, adjust the moving stop loss (2) when When consolidation occurs, pay attention to feel the continuation and strength of the signs of a turnaround, behind the new trend at any time, you can enter the trend (3) case study