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How to effectively judge the trend of the foreign exchange market

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Successful forex trading Forex rebate for Exness largely related to the correct cashbackforexexness cashback forex, obviously, ForexrebateforExness the same thing, buy low, sell high, you will ironically make money, right? The key is how to judge forexcashrebate? The trick is to make a trade based on the trend, of course you would say that it is easier said than done! So, how exactly do we do it?  Trend judgment depends on your underst forexrebatesing of the foreign exchange broker and the judgment of the market, so the trend judgment are relative each foreign exchange market investors have their own set of methods for foreign exchange trading, so it varies from person to person The trend is very fragile, full of great uncertainty with a part of the error in judgment, it is likely to cause a total loss Sometimes, what a big thing happened, and it is likely to you So, the best way to judge the trend is to try to judge the long-term trend!  External and internal trend lines are not easy to determine trends over a period of at least 1 month, especially when something happens that makes the forex market chart extremely volatile, and you are often not expecting it Sometimes traders are faced with a situation called a mismatch, where the currency does not show a trend at the selected time, but lags. A long term perspective is to look at the forex market trading charts and judge them based on the price action, to see how the price is moving and what is driving the price turn Obviously, if you take a long term perspective, the trend is obvious if the price is consistently higher, or consistently lower Of course, if it were that easy, we would have made millions long ago!  The best way to calculate the relative strength index (stochastic growth rate) is through technical indicators is successfully used in daily chart analysis When the index is greater than 50, then the uptrend is obvious enough Conversely, the downtrend is obvious However, this judgment still carries limitations You think, if the index oscillates above and below 50, then it is confusing So, we can think of it this way, in the foreign exchange market, if the index exceeds 53, it can be considered an uptrend, and if the index is at 47, it can be boldly identified as a downtrend If the movement is not obvious, it is better to observe it and make a decision Another good forex indicator to use is a moving average indicator, such as the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Basically, there are many ways to determine the general trend of the forex market Most of all, it is necessary to practice more and develop your experience
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