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How to learn to look at the daily K-line for trading

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  No matter which MT4 trad ForexrebateforExnessg platform, the opening time of the daily Forex rebate for Exness- forexrebates forexcashrebate from 8:00 a.m. Beijing time to 8:00 p.m. the next cashbackforexexness, which is fixed that is, the price at 8:00 a.m. is both the opening price of the new day K-line, and the closing price of the previous day which is the key to determine the trend of the day K-line in general, the Asian cashback forex is no market, the fundamentals of a big change Triggered by the Asian market fluctuations exception a day of trend quotes mainly occur in the European disk European disk start time is generally after 3 p.m. 3 p.m. began, the market has come out of the 7 hours, is out of the 7 hourly K line, you are using the 3:00 whole start of the daily K line to do a single, K line red is more, and vice versa is empty, can win in probability in general, the following methods can win in probability: short term. Daily K red, the direction of more; Daily K black, the direction of the air long term: the general direction of the long trend only do more, every time the daily K line black, are entry more points, even if the set, a few days later will win (Note: I am talking about probability, not absolute) to learn to judge the daily K line, you have to spend time to learn the meaning of K line do not use the stock K line applied in foreign exchange especially do not use the Chinese stock K line because, Chinas The stock market is capital-driven, who has a large capital, who will fool, who can make the K-line foreign exchange market K-line is no one can shake, even if the use of a countrys funds some of the simplest daily K-line single method is necessary to master: (1) K red more, K black empty; (2) the long shadow is empty, the long shadow is more; (3) two K shoulder resistance, the next day more shock; (4) platform big K red, the price to the sky; (5) high engulfing black K move, the next day back to draw bold empty; low engulfing red K fire, the next day back to draw bold more; (6) two K a high a short station, the trend of the immediate present; (7) trend back to draw K, patience and so on the next day; (8) box breakthrough K, the market more turn potential each sentence, please be patient to comprehend, comprehend in the real battle each sentence is not absolute
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