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How to make stable profits in the foreign exchange market

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How to make stable profits forexrebates the foreign exchange market   Theory Forex rebate for Exness the most important part of the actual battle, the wrong theory leads you to do regardless of the wrong decision cashbackforexexness produce forexcashrebate after loss, so to do well in foreign exchange, you must have a solid theoretical foundation. The first problem: how to place a single, in what position under what direction of the single This issue is very important, I do ForexrebateforExness know if you are looking at cashback forex issue and how to do first, in the single before we have to come to a technical analysis (not to do the premise of data) selected object (currency: such as the pound U.S.), what is its current long-term trend, what is the medium-term trend, short-term trend of what? This three issues to see is very easy, I think we will know, which will not say much about these three issues but there is an important issue must be said, is the definition of the trend, its formation, this do not know how you are defined for it, my definition is: the trend is formed by changes in prices in a particular cycle to reach a consensus mainstream bias and a direction of price changes represent the conversion of long and short forces And the reflection of the ideology of the participants Trend to say here, this we do, is it possible to place a single, far from it, it only gives us a general direction since it is not certain that there are important issues are not resolved? Yes, now on the second important issue before the single: the reference period problem before you start placing orders, you must give yourself a position, you are a day trader (ultra-short term), or short term traders (hold positions overnight, two to three days), medium-term traders, etc.! Positioning to determine, we must choose a reference cycle for their positioning to an example: for example, ultra-short: this practice is not a long position, so of course, will not choose a very long period as the main reference standard generally choose fifteen minutes as the main reference cycle, and an hour for the trend direction cycle, five minutes for the entry reference cycle this practice is the use of small subordinate to the large cycle resonance practice homeopathic do not do Counter-trend single, one hour to the main direction, the main reference cycle direction must be consistent with the long direction cycle want to get a good entry point in the entry cycle of resonance to find the trend and reference cycle two important single problem here has been solved, the rest of the problem to consider is not too heavy problem is the problem of position and profit target calculation and stop-loss level position believe that many people know, more than 20% I do not know if you know what the operating system is called, in my first theoretical article mentioned here is not much to say here about the profit and loss ratio The problem: what is called profit and loss ratio, literally the solution is the ratio of profit and loss, a little more detail is your system in the daily single profit and risk brought between the ratio, and my is 3 to 1, profit for 3, loss for 1 which is a short term system, general overnight single ultra-short system profit and loss ratio is generally 1 to 2.5, profit for 1, loss for 2.5 two different systems there are two Different profit and loss ratio, profit and loss ratio also determines the accuracy of the system requirements, the lower the profit and loss ratio, the higher the accuracy requirements of the system talking about and back to the system, first on the stop Discussion on the last issue: stop loss level in the single at the same time, the stop loss must follow Stop loss has several methods: one is to limit the loss of stop loss This method is to consider the individual so the degree of loss acceptable, such as his loss each time The second is a technical stop loss I commonly use, that is, in the technical pressure or support level to set a stop loss, while considering their ability to accept, if this stop loss range calculated down to my profit and loss ratio, then this single I may not, and then wait for the right bit this stop loss managed to have to take into account the market maker The possibility of false data, so generally in deviation from the technical level of about 3% of the position to set a stop loss, because if you happen to set a stop loss in the technical level, this single will usually be swept away There is also a kind of instant stop loss: this according to the actual market with the second with an important way to further reduce losses remember to have a previous theoretical article in one point is this: before the market does not prove you right, try to close or reduce positions This instant stop loss is the theoretical basis for this sentence this stop loss is difficult to say clearly, only you in the continuous market experience will slowly grasp get!  The second problem: holding positions and how to make profits increase I try to use the simplest language to express, as far as some people say that the writing is too poor, that can not help, because I am not a literary person, language skills almost on forgive me!  To the point: one. How to hold a position. (for the weekly short term) in the discussion before we start, we first review the theory of a word: in the market did not prove that we are correct, please reduce or liquidate your position in time. This is for after we open a position, if within a certain period of time the market does not go in the direction they expected, then the position is likely to be wrong, so we have to do is to reduce or liquidate the position in a timely manner here may not understand how long a certain period of time refers to, where I define it as the main reference cycle of the three K lines if after the three K lines, the market did not prove that we are If after these three K lines, the market does not prove that we are correct, then we think we are wrong, first leave the market to wait for the next opportunity If between this time the market proves that we are correct, that is, according to our expected direction, then you can hold a position Here the contradiction is between holding a position and placing a single. Because at present we use most of the trend tracking system, it is waiting for the trend to come out of the confirmation before entering the field, relatively speaking, so the direction is more correct, but here there is a cycle of miscellaneous trends, the larger its period, the stronger the trend, and vice versa, the weaker so within half an hour of the cycle, its trend is very weak, can be changed at any time to external forces, where we call this situation Intraday miscellaneous waves --- miscellaneous irregular fluctuations Now many friends in the opening of positions there are the following problems: 1, in the trend has not yet appeared or there is a confirmation (i.e., consolidation area) premature entry 2, after the trend is confirmed into the field, but the cycle used is not right, the profit margin is not enough, easy to give a counter-play sweep stop loss 3, too late to enter the field, the stop loss does not know where to put, because the stop-loss space is too large here to discuss The second point above: the problem of entry and cycle why the second point will many times appear to counter the problem of stop loss! First of all, a trend tracking system, one of the main reasons for this trend tracking features here is that the profit margin is divided into four, then this system can only eat the middle piece of the big one, that is, two out of one, because the confirmation of the trend has used up a quarter of the profit margin, the trend change away from the field also used up a quarter of the profit margin, if we take into account the error value of 2%, that really eat less than two out of one so This system in the period of choice should be noted not very suitable for ultra-short if you choose the period is 15 minutes such as pounds: its hourly fluctuations in about 40 points, 15 minutes in 20 points (this is the previous normal fluctuations, now at least twice, here only to take the previous example) so in this cycle, the profit margin itself is not large, because it is possible to hedge with the direction of the larger cycle, so it limits its space. So constrain its space, plus the trend in this cycle is inherently weak, so the probability of counter-play stop loss is also very large comprehensive: after opening a position, in a certain time the market does not prove you right, please first reduce or liquidate the position which is a way to further reduce losses, may be this method is sometimes wrong, but eventually you will find that your profits are protected, all rely on it specific how to do it, in Here also said a roughly, after all, everyones operating methods are different If you open a position, three cycle K line did not appear to be the low or high point of continuity that this time to consider reducing positions, if the fourth K line against breakthroughs in the first three highs or lows, it is best to liquidate first because to master this practice, first of all, you have to understand the formation and development of the trend change and habitual practice which depends on themselves, others can not help II. How to make profits increase many friends know that the best way to increase profits is to increase positions, which is correct that how to add the law, this problem seems to be simple, and it seems that they do not know how to do the following we will discuss this issue Here we introduce two methods to increase positions: 1, the average price to increase positions is to increase each position and open positions so many weaknesses: strong limitations, instability, easy to spit back profits or loss is not recommended, although it is very profitable 2 pyramid plus position code method this method is the first big after less, proportional to the code, flexible, stable profits We focus on the second method this method is very simple to say, but the actual with the market graph with a certain degree of difficulty here first just to say, because my computer does not have graphics editing software, only later to make up from A unilateral trend graphics, how to add more code, many people know is in each wave of capital level rally bit to add profit is the largest to say this we all know, the actual with a certain degree of difficulty, because it involves the problem of statistics such as the first time we open a standard lot, then we first add code is relatively reduced to 0.5 hands, that will inevitably require us to open a single to reach a certain profit before adding code. The second and third time is also the same requirement this problem is solved and involves the stop-loss statistics because our goal is that after we add positions, the stop-loss down even if the stop loss swept away, the overall we can still achieve a certain amount of profit, so it is because of this problem exists we on the one hand to prevent the trend did not change before the stop loss to sweep, or trend change stop loss to sweep but no profit or a loss This is this markup The difficulty of the problem, statistics and graphics to match, while the stop loss and involves the cycle of fluctuations is the trend of secondary counter space, time and technical mastery requirements are relatively strong here no chart many friends should not know what is said in general a standard lot of profit up to 60 points or more, before considering adding positions, waiting for the first wave of the trend of the reversal is completed to confirm the code can be added 0.5 hands, at which point the stop loss moved down to the wave of the reversal Top, if the direction remains unchanged, then break through the previous low or the top of the confirmation again after adding 0.3, then the stop loss continues to move down to the secondary reversal of 50% to 65% or so of the position, here the first wave, the second wave, the end of the third wave has been completed after the start of the second markup the same method of adding the latter, adding to can not be proportional to the least average price markup, and finally profit to reach their goals, or profit has been relatively large on the first three single with a trailing stop loss to keep the profit, the last side of the markup are put down to set a good stop loss to let it go with the market, until the market proves us wrong, only to automatically leave the field here note that as long as the market proves us right, then the stop loss is constantly moving, which is necessary to ensure profits This will be said here first, I find time to get the chart to send up, perhaps the above question who knows, originally It is very simple, but there are a few to do it the original money on this kind, why beings also prefer to pursue complex things an average is enough for everyone, the need is how to adapt to it, use it
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