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How to open a position securely The principles of position opening and reasonable position selection!

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The first step cashback forex forex forexcashrebate Forex rebate for Exness to forexrebates a position, which is also the most critical one, at the right price to open a position is related to the success or failure of the investor a transaction Beginning investors should ForexrebateforExness keenly aware of all the risks involved, and definitely do cashbackforexexness bet your life on any investment a. Foreign exchange position is the foreign exchange investor to buy a certain number of currency pairs, but foreign exchange position is not when to build are appropriate, to be in the right time to open a position is not an easy thing. The first thing to do is to determine the time you want to open a position through technical analysis and basic analysis. Second, choose a currency pair that you are familiar with and understand is the most suitable for beginners to direct, for example: EUR/USD, there is enough market liquidity in Europe and the United States every day, there is enough volatility, and there is enough data news. Open a position, the other is counter-trend open positions, both have different principles Homeopathic open positions original: 1, at any time to carefully select the entry, to have a basis for trading, strict control of risk; 2, if the market trend does not change the signal, do not easily close the position, to firmly hold the position of confidence Counter-trend open positions principles: 1, the most important thing is to control the counter-trend open positions trading, to prevent irreparable losses ; 2, most of the rebound is not suitable for trading, small level rebound, no strength rebound, the first wave of the rebound are significantly large risk opportunities; 3, counter-trend trading, must be based on the transaction, the risk should also be controlled position selection: after determining their own position opening plan, how much money is invested, is the crucial thing as a margin foreign exchange trading, you can use a very small amount of money to pry a very large Trading volume, but this is risky, once the funds are not well managed, then it is easy to produce significant losses or even burst the phenomenon in the opening of positions, you should first determine their own funds to enter the market, to determine whether additional funds when the total funds into the market in mind after the spectrum, according to their own trading patterns to take different position configuration (for example, with the trend to open a position, the position can be heavier; counter-trend to open a position, the position At the same time, their trading habits (scalping transactions), trading patterns (day trading; overnight trading; medium-term trend trading), the choice of trading strategies also require different configurations of positions So, whether it is a homeopathic position or counter-trend position, we need to see the right time to take the shot, can not see the time, etc.! To believe that the market is a short position and so on, not hold a position to boil the last, according to your trading system, your analysis method, how you open a position will also be different, a one-time position, or pyramidal position open position after the analysis of whether to set a stop-loss target, is a static stop-loss or dynamic stop-loss, these issues are you need to consider when designing their own trading system recommended that investors go Read some systematic introduction to forex trading materials, you will learn a lot of trading, position opening-related knowledge, a certain amount of knowledge storage will be better to help you smooth trading