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How to protect the interests of traders in case of disputes

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How do you protect the ForexrebateforExnessterests of traders in the event of a d forexcashrebatepute?   Protect the interests of Forex traders with cashback forexs  Traders forexrebates initiate complaints against Forex brokers in accordance with the regulations Forex rebate for Exness processes of the regulators  Take the complaint process in the US and UK as an example, traders can protect themselves with the following  The bill passed in the US Congress back then, in addition to obliging the federal government to establish the CFTC, also required The industry must set up a national, independent and transcendent self-regulatory body, while providing that all companies and individuals engaged in the futures industry must become members of the NFA Thus, the futures industry in the United States entered the era of three under the control of the CFTC on behalf of the official, responsible for the formulation of legal norms and industry supervision and management; futures exchanges on behalf of the industry, responsible for the formulation of the rules of the game and the development of financial products; and the NFA On behalf of the entire industry, responsible for maintaining order and educating the investing public  To the United States, for example, usually to sue a foreign exchange cashbackforexexness, the normal procedure is this; first, to find the public security or police to drop the case, such cases belong to financial fraud, the prosecution and investigation unit will be about time to find both sides to chat, if we can not settle in the summary court, the case will be handed over to the district court, then the two sides to hire a representative lawyer on The case involves a U.S. company, and the trader is a Chinese citizen, so its not worth it to sue a company for $1,280. No need to report, no need to find the prosecution unit, no need to hire a lawyer, no need to fly to the United States, and no need to go to court traders as long as the NFAs website, bring a friend with better English, find a page called FileaCustomerClaimOnline, just fill it out  After filling it out, no matter what the result is, foreign exchange brokers can be busy for a long time, because there will be Report, review in case of poor handling, really fraudulent customers, the case will follow the broker, forever in the NFAs records, until the closure of the   and as long as the network world still exists, anyone can easily check, "this American company, had cheated customers, XXX dollars"   This example illustrates the importance of the regulatory unit, but also stressed that before investing, it is necessary to understand the company has not opened an account in the CFTC registered, is not a member of the NFA, which is the minimum double insurance CFTC officials and NFA employees usually are not fasting and Buddhist, do not ask the worlds working family, but shoulders the burden of development of the financial industry, the protection of the investment public sacred mission If the NFA even complaint mechanism can be made so simple and easy, pro-people convenience, you think about which other foreign exchange companies dare to openly mess up?   The British regulators also take customer complaints seriously  The whole pipeline of complaints in the UK is a bit complicated, but you can see the FSAs intentions  First, on the FSAs homepage (, there is a "Customer Information ( ConsumerInformation)" section after clicking down will go to another website  UK for financial fraud seriously deal with, especially set up a separate division to operate even, if you think the FSA is not doing a good job, financial management loopholes, or the FSA service attitude is not good, also can be seen. Or FSA service attitude is not good, you can also respond through this website  In this website, you can find a "Ifthingsgowrong" link in the lower left corner, and this page clearly details the entire complaint complaint steps  A, directly to the sales staff Solve (Resolvingproblem)  "The problem you are experiencing is not necessarily the fault of the foreign exchange company or someone (it may be a misunderstanding), so the fastest way to solve the problem is to go directly to the sales staff, which also gives them a chance to correct the error but, if they are not sincere or, no heart to solve, you can Ask the customer service staff internal complaint process, this solution is usually free of charge"  Second, the formal complaint to the foreign exchange company (Makingyourcomplaint)  This part you can come yourself, you can also find government assistance, or else is to ask a company specializing in complaints to help   Doingityourself  "You can file a formal complaint to the foreign exchange company by phone, email, or face-to-face before filing a complaint, please prepare all the data, the following are some useful suggestions  A. Politely and clearly explain the events you have encountered, including the relevant dates, and list the Avoid repetition and unnecessary details  B. Include all relevant figures, for example, the currency pair you bought and sold, the account number, and the transaction number  C. Keep the original evidence, send only photocopies of documents or electronic documents, and keep a record of each correspondence Most post offices have photocopying services  D. If Through the telephone complaint, record the date of the conversation, and you talk to the name of the person, and the focus of your complaint after the complaint, the focus of the conversation to send an email to the other party, so that the other party to confirm that there is no mistake  If you complain to the foreign exchange company, it is free of charge"  Get free assistance (Gettingfreehelp)  nbsp; "If you need any help with your complaint, you can get help from your local Citizens Advice Bureau (Citizens AdviceBureau,, which is a free service"  Find a professional complaint management company (Usingacomplaintsmanagementcompany)  "Some companies offer services to help you seek justice, there are also companies that specialize in financial institutions Of course, these services are charged, usually a percentage of the compensation in the consideration of these companies, please make sure that the Before you consider using the services of these companies, make sure that the company is regulated by us (FSA), the Department of Justice (MinistryofJustice), or any professional body (for example, lawyers unions and other professional organizations), and that you understand how they charge" (the FSAs website can be checked to see if the company is registered)  What next? (Whathappensnext?)  "The foreign exchange company must respond to your complaint within a certain period of time, so remember to ask the foreign exchange company how long it takes then, the foreign exchange company will formally respond to the results of the customer investigation, if the company feels that the process does have negligence, then the customer will make some form of compensation of course, there may be Refuse any compensation"  Third, if youre still not satisfied with the foreign exchange companys formal response (Ifyourestillnothappy), decide to go to court before you have two options  use some of the independent agencies provided by the complaint assistance program ( Usingacomplaintsresolutionservices)  "If youre still unhappy and feel that the response from the foreign exchange company is perfunctory, you can also contact some of the assistance programs offered by independent agencies, or the Office of the Financial Industry Ombudsman ( FinancialOmbudsmenService,, online Chinese instructions and descriptions, it is worth a look)  use of third-party neutral mediation services (Usingamediationservice)   "Mediation, another way to resolve a citizen or family dispute, can be an alternative to going to court, with the benefits of low cost, quick judgment, and low stress This is a voluntary process that allows an impartial third party to help both parties to a dispute agree and find a way to reconcile" (www.  Fourth, go to court (Goingtocourt)  If you want to go to this step, on behalf of things are very serious, you should be non-kill this foreign exchange company can not so, you better find a good lawyer, listen to his (her) advice, prepare for a long fight it   nbsp; For traders, the talents they have are only useful when they are protected by a good regulatory system If they choose a country that is not good, it is far from likely that they will have the possibility to become good traders because along the way, they will be ambushed by financial fraud