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Investment masters are how to achieve stable profits

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First, acknowledge that the market">Forex rebate for Exness running disorderly, any position of entry, cashback forex risky so, stop loss to be more important how important, a single must have a stop loss, ForexrebateforExness is the smallest stop loss to open a single very brave, in our view very dangerous position, dare to place a single they most like to open a position in the first buy and sell points ask them why they forexrebates so? They said that such a position is the safest only people who do cashbackforexexness understand the danger, only the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of high correctness, only dare not place a single second, strict position management since it is recognized that the market is disorderly operation, then the risk is everywhere personal capital is limited, the market opportunities are infinite, the market risk is also infinite with a limited response to infinite, if there is no a good position management, it There will be: the money is gone, the opportunity to never pursue a wealthy, of course, and never fear small losses small positions, small gains, small losses encounter sudden big quotes, big gains once, and do not mind it but definitely not accept big losses third, strict control of the number of transactions, is the frequency of hands forex gold trading is 24 hours trading, if only by chance, a day of effective opportunity there are dozens of times and I know these Young masters, a day hands absolutely no more than 3 to 4 times they have a self-control rules: is the requirement of the first single to win if the first single can not win, the morning will never do it, or even the day do not do it, close the computer, play to go also some people, is to give themselves another chance in the afternoon, if the loss again, never do it again and, they will never allow themselves on the basis of losses, aggravate the position Do they are from the bottom of their hearts to accept the market opportunity is always in the concept of never eager to turn over the fourth, no target for profit, let nature take its course They are in actual operation, the single profit and loss is not much importance; they look at the probability of profit and loss only, 60 percent of the win rate, they are very satisfied precisely because they do not have too high requirements for themselves, sometimes, their win rate is amazingly high, they have the highest monthly The highest monthly win rate of 90 percent, of course, they themselves admitted that this is encountered, can not be replicated but the actual their win rate, are up to about 70 percent so, the monthly profit is 100 percent to do know the secret of their stable profit, seems very simple, but to really follow these requirements to do, is not easy thing they themselves also admitted: most of the people they know is to know that can not do More money and small positions; more opportunities to control the number of hands; willingly accept losses; admit imperfect operation of these things, easier said than done, in fact, are challenging human nature
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