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Investors are most likely to make the 9 biggest trading mistakes

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A famous overseas asset management company recently summarized the 9 trading m Forex rebate for Exnesstakes that investors forexrebates prone to make: aversion to loss, loss to find the door to make mistakes is cashbackforexexness actually shameful, but people are ashamed to admit their mistakes aversion to loss is a human condition, which is also an important emotional factor that prevents investors from persevering if the stock bought fell, there are only two reasons: either their analysis is wrong, or the time is not right yet investors rarely reflect on their mistakes do not sell is not yet a loss leeks often have the mentality: "Although I am trapped, but as long as I do not sell, it is not a loss!" People are usually reluctant to admit mistakes forexcashrebate stop losses but in fact, this is a kind of blind arrogance and ignorance, losses are only likely to get bigger and bigger and eventually break through the leeks psychological defenses blindly expanding risk Murphys Law: When your available cash is reduced to a minimum, emergencies always occur Someone is averse to losing money, and naturally someone is blindly risking "high risk and high return " is sometimes just a slogan, although sometimes this is true, but it also means that if you operate against the trend, often deepen losses senior fund managers believe: "Most professionals allocate assets, will not allocate more than 2 ForexrebateforExness5% of the asset portfolio in the same asset" if you want to sell high and buy low, then when the cashback forex is oversold sentiment is high, you should simultaneously raise cash levels; when the market is oversold, plummeting, valuations down, cash levels should also fall to catch the flying knife No one can always smoothly escape the top and plunge to the bottom unless you are gifted with extreme knowledge of financial markets, otherwise, do not easily go to the bottom Generally speaking, let the stock find the bottom on its own, and then go to the bottom, will be a better choice to dilute the cost leeks What is often done is to keep buying stocks at lower prices after the set-up to dilute the cost, but this strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, sometimes it is a bottom, but sometimes it is a sign that the investor is "not dead", so the professionals believe that you should never dilute the cost - "You should not even have a bottom. -You shouldnt even have this opportunity, a failed investment should have been sold a long time ago" "Dont fight the trend, the trend is always your friend" "The majority of stocks (more than 80%), are moving with the market and so should you "Therefore, shorting in a bull market and holding in a bear market are inappropriate investment behaviors Good companies ≠ good stocks Fundamental analysis does tell you who the good companies are, but it does not take into account the market and investor sentiment So, good companies and good stocks should not be confused More often than not, investors should take advantage of the herd effect and start with the herd, perhaps finding certainty to buy There is no "one-size-fits-all" indicator for "good company + good stock" technical dilemmas, so if you think youve found it, be prepared to lose money. However, as markets change, or for different markets, the usefulness of technical indicators will vary. Professional traders believe that it is important to take guidance from the cumulative value of a range of techniques, rather than relying on just one of them. Many long-term investors are anxious to ask whether they should sell when their holdings enter a correction, and the various financial media and vloggers are "instrumental" in amplifying panic. So how do you avoid the trading minefield? Do the following steps, you will not be far from profit to admit the existence of problems - face their mistakes live in the present - the money lost has been lost, do a good job now strategy is the most important you are not a loser - - all and everyone in the stock market are in the market. -All people in the stock market have lost money, you just made an investment mistake to take responsibility - bravely shoulder the current responsibility to map out market changes, consider investment issues in a comprehensive manner: including interest rate and currency risks, geopolitical and even economic challenges, you need to understand that even long-term investors like Warren Buffett Adapt to changing circumstances and seek help - Dont be afraid to ask for help, a little advice costs better than losing money Gradually make changes - Portfolios should be more fine-tuned than overturned to develop an appropriate strategy -- Are you planning for retirement or are you ready to buy a home? Different long-term investment goals correspond to different strategies Understanding your investment strategy - Protect yourself from emotional factors Investing is planning for the future - Working hard to make money today as usual, investing is planning for tomorrow Learn more about Forex - Forex Basics, how to speculate in foreign exchange questions and answers, please visit: foreign exchange learning section
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