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Investors need to comply with the trading discipline of speculation in foreign exchange

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1, each s ForexrebateforExnessgle must have a stop-loss settings stop loss Forex rebate for Exness the lifeline of investors speculation in foreign exchange, long-term survival in this market is the goal that must cashback forex reached before investing to obtain stable prof cashbackforexexnesss, only each single have a stop-loss settings can make their losses minimized, to protect the safety of the transaction 2, the ratio of forexrebates forexcashrebate profit should be at least 1:1.5 When you want to place a single, be sure to think about the possibility of profit and loss assuming that the space for profit is 4,000 yuan, and the space for loss is only 2,000 yuan, then the risk and profit ratio is 1:2, it is worth a try 3, do not let your account overload because margin trading can magnify the amount of capital control, this function of capital amplification is like a double-edged sword The high return is accompanied by a huge risk so prudent speculators usually control the maximum loss of each time within 10%, then the profit will be stable and long-term so our goal should be a good investor, not a speculator 4, accept failure, as soon as possible to shift attention to the next transaction no one in this world can guarantee that every one of his speculative transactions are Make money, so when you lose money on a transaction, forget about it as soon as possible, and shift your attention to the next transaction otherwise, you will lose more and more and can not extricate yourself 5, develop a realistic and viable goal of vitality do not involve emotions and money together simply look at each transaction as a business transaction, do not involve feelings If there is a loss, learn to accept it, and look forward to learn how to accept failure is more important than success, it is similar to our Chinese old saying, failure is the mother of success no emotional factors, follow the principles of trading to trade, at first it is difficult to adapt and get used to, but you have to adapt to it, because it is the inexorable law of making money 6, always ensure that the transaction risk within their own tolerance trading risk is reflected in a large part of the size In the position, investors should be based on their own capital and operation level reasonable judgment of their ability to bear the risk, limit their maximum position, in addition to a large part of the risk of speculation in foreign exchange from the uncertainty of the investors mindset, which investors should learn to rely on a fixed trading system for trading