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Is scalp trading really more profitable than day trading

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Trad cashbackf cashback">forexcashrebateg forexrebates a risky investment, especially in the early stages of Forex rebate for Exness Traders ForexrebateforExness constantly looking for ways to reduce risk, such as choosing profitable trading systems, or trading methods that best suit their risk tolerance A trader can use intraday trading strategies, scalping methods, swing trading techniques or investment strategies Each of these trading methods entails a different level of risk, and they have different requirements for For example, an intraday trading system may be less risky than a swing trading or investment strategy This is because day traders hardly ever trade overnight and their money is invested in the market for a limited period of time, thus limiting risk accordingly So, does this mean that intraday trading is less risky than swing trading or investing? Not necessarily. The shorter trading time may make technical analysis more difficult. The shorter the trading time, the greater the price changes in the market may be, because small investors are constantly trading in and out of the market. Short-time trading is subject to more disruptions than long-time trading, so only more experienced traders can remain profitable in short-time trading. In other words, each trading method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is impossible to It is impossible to tell which method is the best and some trading methods are relatively more suitable for novice traders After understanding these concepts, you will be able to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of scalping trading techniques Scalping trading methods are less risky? Is scalping really safer than day trading or other trading methods? The most attractive aspect of scalping is that it allows the trader to limit the time of market risk. However, only experienced traders can still make good use of these techniques to make a profit. In fact, scalpers often exit after taking profits as low as 1 pip. Therefore, in order to be successful in scalp trading, traders must enter the trade multiple times. If you trade every day, you will face a spread fee of 6,500 pips over the course of a year. Similarly, if the day trader trades an average of 3 times a day, he will only need to make a profit of 1,950 pips over the course of a year to cover the brokers spread fee. As you can see, the difference in spread costs between the two trading methods is very large. In the above example, the average scalper trades only 10 times a day, while in fact, most scalper traders trade more than 10 times a day, some even hundreds of times a day, so the spread costs are even higher. This means that the scalpers losses are likely to be greater than his profits. This explains why inexperienced traders are often unable to make a profit in scalping. However, it is difficult for novice traders to use this method of trading to make a profit for themselves, so scalpers choose trading platforms with low spreads, such as ECN platforms 
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