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Listen to the foreign exchange expert who has experienced the IronFX Gold Grant Scam talk about his trading path!

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As a foreign exchange practitioner for 10 years, from part- cashback forex to full-time to part-time, cashbackforexexness then to the real professional, th forexcashrebate process took me a whole 10 years of time Forex rebate for Exness th forexrebatesk I may still be considered lucky, in many some key nodes, I think if there is no luck component, may not go todays post is also and we share the road of foreign exchange professionalism is not easy and struggle on this road Traders to do some discussion and share after the start of contact with foreign exchange in 06, I deposited 250 U.S. dollars to start their own operations, within a week I earned 600 U.S. dollars, from then on the road to foreign exchange is unstoppable Of course, soon waiting for me is certainly the result of the burst, which is inevitable and experienced a long period of repeated deposits repeatedly burst, I started trading within 3 years, I have the platform I started trading within 3 years, I know the trading steps of the platform like the back of my hand, but never had the opportunity to try a gold out, ForexrebateforExness night I thought for a long time, why some seemingly easy to solve the problem, seemingly uncomplicated things, how I have never been able to do why the sustained profit is always like the moon in the water, looking at a long time but how can not touch that time is exceptionally hard, just graduated from the salary is very low, a month 2000 yuan, constantly bursting positions, to take money from the already small salary inside to deposit, at that time to support my belief has been to deposit is that this will be my last deposit, this time into the after I will not burst, I will comply with my summary of the law and achieve profitability, but the results are still failure suddenly one day I thought, how I am every time a loss, and my own single reverse do not After statistics, I realized a fundamental problem, it turned out that the amount I lost and the commission I spent on the transaction was basically the same, I realized that profit and loss I ended up losing to the commission, it turns out that their own transactions simply do not have more than 50% success rate, some of the technical aspects of the summary of the way to judge the probability is only 50%, and toss a coin like from then on I began to realize In other words, I realized that trading must be composed of judgment + trading system, my previous efforts were spent on the trading system, and there was little accumulation of judgment on the market, then my energy turned to how to improve their judgment ability, and later I found that in fact The process is the most time-consuming process to become a trader, there is no possibility of quick success, you must go through a long period of time to experience the various quotes, summarize the fundamentals and quotes for the relationship, experience the economic cycle and the rhythm of the exchange rate changes this process is very long and difficult and very brain-intensive, this process most investors are not able to pass because when I started to graduate from college, I have nothing to lose in terms of money, I I am not rich, my family does not have money to me to lose, are earning their own wages are hitched in, the biggest cost or energy and time, you know spend so much energy to go down, if you can not do what the results, then you have been far worse than others, I am still in the foreign exchange loss of money, I played with a small partner at that time has become a full employee of Microsoft, the monthly salary has been more than 10,000 I am still taking a little 2000 yuan salary, but also to deposit want to become a professional trader, first of all, the concept of professionalism to be correct, many people trading for many years still the concept is wrong professional manipulation of the ultimate development is not to ensure continuous and stable always profitable simply put, you do trading, can not turn the ultimate goal to create a money-making machine strategy, the world does not make money machine, only mature strategy what is a mature Strategy, is to have strict risk control, a reasonable proportion of earnings, good historical results with these, the strategy can be described as mature, but then the mature strategy can not guarantee that the next year can be profitable to reach how much this is uncertain, although the greater the probability is to continue to make money the meaning of professional trading, is the success rate of your trading and risk control aspects to do better than others, you have the meaning of professionalism, you I started to realize that the accumulation of judgment is a long process after that time I was at home full-time speculation foreign exchange, the amount of capital is about 2,000 U.S. dollars, I began to stop the fantasy of relying on their own little money speculation foreign exchange to make money to feed themselves, I realized that there may be a long process to really make money, so I began to apply for jobs again to find a job. Ready to continue to work while speculating in foreign exchange, to accumulate judgment experience, but also to increase the accumulation of their own capital speed at that time has been to the beginning of 2010, quite fortunate, I quickly found a job very suitable for me, a listed companys exchange rate risk control specialist position, work is not very busy, every day to do things are also concerned about the global market, concerned about the dollar against the yuan exchange rate With a stable income, my mind became more relaxed, doing what I like to do and want to do, accumulating every day through a lot of data research on the worlds mainstream economies, I will collect all kinds of English data published on the central bank website, as well as their own analysis and inference, at that time I judged that the RMB will continue to move higher against the dollar. I remember that in 2012, I also expressed my views in Sina Finance, Baidu search my name should still be able to see previous articles, based on the judgment that the RMB will continue to appreciate, I helped companies in many key points in the operation of foreign exchange forward contracts, and successfully helped the listed company to achieve more than 30 million exchange earnings at the same time, I did not relax the foreign exchange margin trading system and the accumulation of judgment system. In fact, trading is to precipitate this large cycle of experience, the more accumulation, in order to handle things without panic, if you speculate in foreign exchange has only seen the economic boom and bust period, the financial crisis have not experienced, how to deal with how to operate, I think everyone is at a loss for the enterprise After achieving a very large exchange earnings, the companys big boss began to notice me, the boss one day to talk to me, simply means that want to invest money to me to speculate in foreign exchange, how much money to ask me, he knew I could not want too much, and he is so big a boss, indeed, I can just ask me to think about the next day to reply to him, I just 50,000 U.S. dollars, but at that time, my trading system is still But at that time, my trading system is still relatively fragile, I am very unfortunate to end up losing the 50,000 U.S. dollars for this I also feel particularly guilty, I feel that the boss failed to trust so much, the 50,000 U.S. dollars I did not lose to the market, or lost in their own, this I was very clear at the time although the loss of 50,000 U.S. dollars, but the boss did not have too much attitude change, the follow-up I continue to do in addition to the company exchange rate risk control this piece, but also follow him for the diversification of enterprises The development of the project to find investment, and later often follow the project to study abroad, the days are so day by day, to be honest, at that time in the company, the boss is considered to have given me a very good development future I once the focus of work are to the companys things, foreign exchange is so difficult to make money, and now there are good job opportunities, everyone else will be the future of the career path to think about this is also is also torn A period of time, and then think about the forex trading lifestyle is still my most wanted, in the company in the next many years time is still unable to achieve freedom, my most wanted is freedom so I continue to work while conducting some trading research in foreign exchange, the energy is evenly distributed it 2012, I almost used 15,000 U.S. dollars in doing foreign exchange, at that time has stopped bursting positions, began I felt like I was slowly settling into a new stage and then I was involved in the most bizarre event in the history of foreign exchange margins, the IronFX gold grant scam at the end of 2012 I came into contact with IronFX, his model, a look at the risk-free arbitrage, I began to doubt that this is not a side scam, but the scale of this platform and regulation I feel good, I put in 20,000 dollars ready to try, everything is very smooth, earn money, you can also get out of the gold so I will start to constantly put profits into repeated operations to understand the IronFX gold hedging people, I say so understand, I will not elaborate on those details, but I and a lot of then do hedging people different point is that many people are brainless internal hedging, I have been insisting on external I also took every hedge as an attempt to accumulate my own judgment and verify the success rate of my own judgment, I also knew at the time that this grant model could never last forever, I thought that one day this policy would be canceled, but of course I really did not expect to end up like that. I almost earned a million dollars, of course, this is mainly because of his policy, not because of my trading level, but also considered the accumulation of a bucket of gold, accumulation of a bucket of gold for doing transactions is also very important, no matter how you get but finally the IronFX incident, I also have 250,000 dollars did not get out in the end I still considered to have earned a lot of money, than some late In the IronFX event, my principal is a total of $ 30,000, dare not put more, know that there are risks, but basically profits I rolled in it to continue to invest, in addition to take out used up, halfway out to buy a house to buy a car some money, the other are in it to continue to roll, in the IronFX hedge earned about $ 200,000 when I resolutely from that company I think as long as this time can earn a bucket of gold, plus now the trading strategy has accumulated so long, the subsequent career path I think it is easier to achieve, at that time thought is as long as earn a 3-5 million yuan, I part of the money to invest in trust, the annual fixed income The purpose of the resignation was to catch the opportunity to earn a bucket of gold IronFX event, although I was an episode in my trading career, but unexpectedly gave me a bucket of gold, but also let me have up to 2 years of time to verify My own trading judgment system, more than 2 years later I counted the IronFX rival platform, I also achieved a total of about $400,000 profit, which is enough to show that my judgment has gradually increased the correct rate, which also makes me feel pleased Actually, sometimes the most difficult trading is to persist in testing their own judgment system for a long time, do not insist, you never know if the judgment system works, insist and fear of insisting on The first time I was lucky in my foreign exchange career was when I applied for a suitable position, I could have a stable income and continue to have plenty of time for foreign exchange research. The second luck is the bucket of gold given by IronFX hedging and the 2 years of trading system testing, without the existence of these luck, I think I basically could not have gone so far with the funds, I began to work on more strategy research and live testing later I began to abandon the purely manual trading model, because I think the human brain both to make advanced judgments, but also to perform the basic tedious operation, especially the oscillating market to operate up will be Even if I am full-time, even if I also have a team I began to program their own trading system, and rely on people to make macro decisions, in what period the implementation of what procedures simply put, the decision in the person, the implementation of the trading model in the program, the brain can be separated from the tedious trading system only macro market and volatility analysis The facts speak for themselves, this model also helped me achieve the most stable results since the forex trading, and now I have been using this model to this day, I have become the largest trading volume IB in China on the trading platform I use, the career path is basically the initial set in fact, whether your trading system or even including the laws of economics and finance principles, are based on the summary of past history, your system If the future market continues this law, your trading system will be profitable, if the future fluctuations in the market as well as the intrinsic market-driven changes, you based on the past history of the summary of the law will fail, at this time you need to again according to the situation at the time to summarize the revised strategy, so that your strategy can meet the new market fluctuations, but the problem is that your law is still The problem is that your rules are still based on the summary of the market that has already happened, the future market may not continue this fluctuation law, as long as the change, your system will fail again The essence of trading is to be sure that your summary of the law, the market will continue this fluctuation law in a longer period of time, then you have a long enough profit time, if the volatility of the market has been changing, it is impossible for any trader to continue to make money from it The difference between the level of traders, the market fluctuations are complex, everyone is from different levels to abstract the law, some people summarize the law is very superficial, this law is easy to break, some people summarize the law is closer to the essence of volatility, the adaptation time is longer but no matter what level you summarize the law, the future of the market is likely to break this law, once broken The system as a whole no longer has the ability to profit, the follow-up is a cyclical process, which is the existence of uncertainty as a trader, you can do is as far as possible from the summary of some of the essence of the law, as always, the implementation of the strategy, when the market volatility laws change, as fast as possible to adjust the new strategy to adapt to the market, in such a process of continuous efforts, a number of years later, the In fact, do not ignore the importance of their own accumulation because I have repeatedly stressed the uncertainty, their own accumulation is what qualifies you to be able to have a long term profit possibility, the vast majority of traders are not there this possibility simply put, many people are bound to fail, but no one is bound to succeed must first escape from the ranks of the bound to fail